aaaaand: 100. Sauerworld Frag Evenings – Drakas Interview – Clan Activity

100 posts and we are far away from being done!

What started out as a one man’s blog developed into the living proof that Sauer is not dead!

We would like to thank all our readers for their support and comments, as well as all the little ants who generated an incredible amount as well as variety of content, reaching from reports about recent clan activities to the Moments of Glory!
And a special thanks goes out to Acuerta and mefisto, for making all this possible.


But wait, there is more… The Sauerworld Frag Evenings!

On this special occasion we are very happy to announce yet another Sauerworld  project:

The Sauerworld Frag Evenings!

The concept is simple: lets all gather and play!

Every week, there will be a selection of single or team modes of different game styles, where everyone is invited to participate. We will provide infrastructure and the coverage, but we can’t provide YOU!
Therefore, we will conduct a quick survey of the most active weekday in Sauerbraten, to gather as much players as we can at the same time (see the poll at the very end of the post).

Of course there is a problem with time zones, evenings here mean evening @ Europe times. We hope that when the evenings are successful,  that this concept catches on to the US time zone.
If you would like to lend us a hand in this endeavour speak to us in #sauercom or #sauerworld on


And more…! Interviewing Drakas

On this very occasion we also announce that the Interview poll is closed and the first interview will be with w00p|Drakas! It’s more than likely that we will interview everyone from the list at a later point in time.


More, more, mooooore – Recent Clan Activity

In the recent clan activity, sweeper (aka vzzec) returned to =DK= and sat1va (aka sativa) joined the brotherhood of !s].

<vzZeC> “Im too badass to give you a statement.”
<sat1va> “The reason I joined !s was because they are a friendly clan despite what everyone says and skillwise a very strong clan in any mode.”

That’s all. For now.

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