wtf: “We want to become an elite clan”

For our second interview we talked to wtf, formerly of BoB clan, founder of Feed, and one of the best effic and ffa players these days.

<sauercom> Hello wtf, I’m sure most people are familiar with your name, however, would you still introduce yourself in a few sentences?

<wtf> I’m wtf?!, 15 years old, from the Netherlands. I’ve been playing sauer for about 4 years now. 2 years ago I started to play ‘seriously’ and joined |BoB|, where I stayed untill its dissolution.

<sauercom> Recently, to everyone’s surprise, BoB was disbanded. Can you shed some light on that matter?

<wtf> Yes I can. In a short period, multiple people decided to leave, for different reasons. We had lots of members, but most of them were inactive. When our active members left, there was no reason for me to stay there. All of the people who tried to make BoB a good clan left, and I decided together with the fellow leaders to just put an end to it.

<sauercom> People were expecting the remaining ex-BoB’s to disperse and join other clans. Some players did that, e.g. godlike who joined w00p.
How come you decided to found Feed instead?

<wtf> Cr4sh/Snitch and AiurZ wanted to team up for future tournaments, witouth really having to play active, because we were playing another game instead. To reach this, we decided to make Feed, witouth intention to make it a real clan. After some clanwars and mixes, we came to the conclusion that we still kind of enjoyed playing so we became active again. We saw there were some skilled people who were interested in joining us, so we created Feed as a serious clan, and recruited some of these guys.

<sauercom> What are your aims for Feed?

<wtf> Our main goal is just playing together and having fun. Since winning is the most fun, our aim will be playing competitive and give our best shots in tournaments. We want to become an elite clan, like w00p or sp4nk. We will try to make the sauerbraten community more active, by just spamming everyone for clanwars and mixes.

<sauercom> Any last words for us?

<wtf> And dont forget guys:
PLAY FUCKING FFA! (or teamplay, notas is right!)


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