Who’s gonna win the effic 1v1 cup this Sunday?

What do you think?

Additional information – Brackets

Who's gonna win the effic 1v1 cup this sunday?

  • Jumper (28%)
  • Acuerta (20%)
  • starch (10%)
  • Art (8%)
  • Frosty (6%)
  • degrave (6%)
  • Someone else. -> comment (6%)
  • Lokio (5%)
  • wtf?! (4%)
  • swatllama (2%)
  • neon (2%)
  • Jawer (1%)
  • Honzik1 (1%)
  • bug (0%)
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  1. swatllama

    Hah, I can easily see the final three contestants being the snowman, the root, and the Acuerta, but not the order. I’m rooting for the ball of snow though!

    1. Jumper

      Guys, you fucking kidding me?! No one got so many votes for god damn sake. Vote for acuerta/degrave/starch. Be realistic. ty

      1. star

        well done spending from 10:10 till 11:40 reconnecting vigorously hour to around 35 tor exits to vote for yourself.

        Denying it like a Jumper aka Notorius L.I.E.

  2. SomeNub

    Obviously the winner is going to be SomeNub, I don’t even need to sign up and I’ve already won! ;D

    1. Jumper

      Because I almost haven’t touched my PC in these 4 days, so I am quite bad right now. That’s the main reason why I quit the tournament.

      1. Jumper

        I was sick. That’s the reason. If you didn’t even touched a PC for some days, your skill will be low.

      2. Agalloch

        I was afk 4 months and now i am better than before. 4 days? cmon show us yur skills there !

      3. swatllama

        You sucked anyway. I was looking forward to only using rifle on you.

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