We’re Hiring! .. So Sauer and Community can finally collide

We are looking to “hire” (no $$$) more moderators and/or clan/community representatives.

The original objective of SauerCom was to bring the community closer together and form a central hub for all things Sauer.
Although this one-man show (with assistance from 3-4 other admins) worked pretty well for the first year, we feel like it’s time to turn this into a real community effort.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Post brief updates about your clan/project (e.g. “we just recruited xyz” or “There is a new version of my client” etc)
  • Create & manage content (optional)
  • Organize events (optional)


  • sharing our passion for the game
  • language skill is secondary (we have proofreaders that can help you out)

Your benefit:

  • being able to share things with a much broader audience
  • you can add “journalistic experience” to your CV :-)
  • operator status in #sauercom and access to the internal channel

Interested? Message ‘SauerCom’ or any other operator in #sauercom on irc.gamesurge.net!

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