WC-NG: Black Edition

Hi, I’ve created a mod based off the WC-NG client by Thomas; by importing the code from ComEd/extra-a and combining all of the nice features from all clients into one. It is called Black Edition because the theme is dark. If you are interested in downloading simply click the link below:

Download: Link

Screenshots: Link



  1. Shikijo

    Seems to be working fine, maybe add the bit about changing ‘sauerbraten’ to ‘sauerbraten_wc’ in the bat file in your instruction for noobs like me, if you’re not including an installer

    1. Frosty

      Yeah my bad, I used the packaging script but I guess not the one with the installer.

      The solution for the .bat file is to rename sauerbraten.exe to sauerbraten_wc.exe … which is the name of the executable from the new bin folder.

  2. xS'clanhacking

    what a shitti mod frosty u should learn more how to copi mods what a retard u are no one will use this shitt fake fuck u retard noob

    1. Frosty

      Yes indeed. I did decide to invert the colors of the background and logo though cause the bright white hurt my eyes :/


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