Two Updated Release Maps

Hello! We want to take this time to announce that TWO of your favorite release maps, created by Redon, have been updated and re-released: Memento and Frozen! We’ve included a brief review of each one along with their specific changes and download links, so check them out for some fresh “new” duel maps!


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You of course know this one as a favorite for efficiency if you have ever played in the competitive scene. It is one of the classic duel maps and has its own unique and challenging layout/flow which attracts skilled players from all over Sauer. But behold, a fresh new take on the classic!

The new update includes:


– Part of the upper level has been lowered to allow jumping from the lower one up, as shown below.

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– The clutter of boxes in the very bottom “pit” have been reduced to one nice platform. This makes jumping up to the above platform and teleport much easier if you get the spawn down there.

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– A new area was added in the rooftops of the buildings to hold the healthboost.

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– The level opposite the upper level was redesigned, and has turned out to be quite the counter-camping platform.

– The side “arch” area was changed to one open and less constricting room. Both changes can be seen here:

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– The roofs of the cover pieces were reshaped to allow easier rocketing of an enemy camping on them, as shown here:

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– The jumppad was lowered, so your enemy isn’t launched unnecissarily high above you when you are camping the upper level.

– The cages to the cave were redesigned for easier grenade spam.

– The item spawns were rearranged and more playerstarts were added.

– Three bases were added for small capture or hold games.

– Many visual things (prettier hills, prettier cave, new fog and lighting, and new details).



Yet another popular map for efficiency duels, Frozen also gets a makeover. The changes include:


– A wider corridor by the Yellow Armour.

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– The platform in front of the Yellow Armour was re-positioned and redesigned for better flow and accessibility, as shown below.

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– The two platforms in the center of the map (the ones with the grates) were given a no-clip/clip combination to allow the catching of grenades, as shown below.

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– The ice was given a slippery surface.

– Uncountable changes to geometry and details, making the map look even more pretty.

– New snow particles.

– Improved lighting, fog, and a new skybox.

– The Healthboost and Green Armour traded places, as well as other item rearrangements and additional playerstarts.



You can download each map below, or check them out on Quadropolis for a complete and specific list of their updates. We hope to see you using them for your next duels!




  1. star

    I secretly wish, he’d redo all the shitty maps in sauer… *dreamon*

    The only person I know who can build maps, fitting the gameplay of sauer to 100%.

  2. Vanquish

    “The jumppad was lowered, so your enemy isn’t launched unnecissarily high above you when you are camping the upper level.”

    fix this in academy too plz

    1. swatllama

      No, it’s nice on academy. It’s high enough that they can be attacked with MG, while they can still launch some very nice rockets down.

      1. Vanquish

        could be because i come from a different game but academy basically epitomises everything i dislike about sauer (hiding, teleports + jumppads, with my suggestion mitigating the dislike i have for jumppads). y’all are just scared to come mid and mg like a man <3

      2. swatllama

        This is how most people play. I hate it. MG vs MG on turbine, or rockets vs rockets on ot, it’s boring. Hardly any tactics, just who can shoot better.

      3. Vanquish

        i’d say ot is more of a rifle map, could just be the way i play it though :D
        I also hate that people try and market effic as a tactical mode. You can mitigate actual skill differences by playing defensively, but let’s be real, there’s barely any brains to the mode besides smart weapon selection (arguably also positioning although smart weapon selections can be employed to counter positional advantages). anything else just counts as what i’d call “needless hiding” since you spawn with full hp/armour and every weapon, so it’s not like ffa where you do actually need to be able to play out of control properly. i’ve always just seen effic duels as a way of warming up for team modes. generally speaking, the player with the best execution wins the effic duel (it’s why acuerta was pretty much unstoppable for ages), but as I said, upsets are possible due to the way people play. I know acuerta had a very aggressive gamestyle but yet still managed to #rek everybody which made him one of the best, if not the best imho. And for the record, I’m still saying that effic definitely does require skill to be good, just that I think the whole “effic is tactical too” argument has nothing to it, it’s not really that much more tactical than insta. I think in order for this to change some weapons would definitely need to be reworked (thinking mg + rockets primarily).

    2. star

      It’s not his map… maps have licenses, you know?

      Therefore a pretty misplaced comment… Take it to the forum if you like to discuss how shit the maps are, but I believe it’ll be followed by a real shit storm and an unproductive argument.

      1. Vanquish

        i’ll quote your post above where you said you wished “he’d redo all the shitty maps in sauer”. if he is “The only person [you] know who can build maps, fitting the gameplay of sauer to 100%” then he surely must not have made many shitty maps himself, implying that the shitty maps you wished he’d fix are also under some kind of license, thus your comment was also misplaced.

        I’m not gonna start threads about maps I dislike, as you said it’s not gonna end well for anyone. and I haven’t even opened my sauerbraten client since the DKSC thingy in November, I don’t really care enough to try and push for fixes or w/e with maps. in my opinion the huge majority of duel maps are completely awful (yes even turbine) but people seem to like them so I’m probably the wrong guy to post a thread if anyone’s gonna make one.

  3. Suicizer

    I still dislike the use of modified Sauerbraten version within reviews or articles. Isn’t this Sauerworld? Feels like an unmodified version should be used to make the screenshots.

      1. Irony

        You have such a great point! The people who post stuff here in exchange for infinitely high pay should totally spend some extra hours ridding their sauer installation of anything that is not shipped by default, especially when they make a post about maps that are not shipped by default.

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