Tournament Announcement: 2020 World Cup (CoronaCup!)

Due to popular demand, we here at swatllama’s house of madllamas will be hosting a 2020 eCTF World Cup! Players will congregate into teams based on their country (or region, should your country be underrepresented!). We will allow up to 2 teams per country / region. This post is going to be an interest poll to garner an idea of how many teams will be present, and to determine the date for it. Express your interest by PM’ing swatllama in the Sauerworld discord.

Format will begin with a round-robin group stage (games of 1), veto map pool til one is left. This will determine seeding, and then a double elimination bracket will commence, with a best of 3 winner’s bracket and best of 1 loser’s bracket. The finals will be a best of 5, with the winner bracket finalist being at a 1-map advantage over the loser bracket winner.

This event will most likely take place in collect edition. An update post will be provided on Saturday, May 9th with map pools, a discord server, and date.

Vote for the dates that would work for you to play in the World Cup

  • Sunday, May 24th (44%)
  • Sunday, May 31st (43%)
  • Sunday, June 7th (13%)
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