This Fragmovie is Pretty Meh…

I finally managed to finish a video project I had sitting aroung for about a month or so today; nothing extraordinary though, hence the title. It’s only 3 minutes as well, so it won’t take long to be disappointed ;). (There is also a Dailymotion upload after the break!)

By the way: rugby mode allows you to pass the flag by shooting a teammate when you carry it. Give it a try by connecting to 1024!

For those who can’t watch it (since it’s blocked in Germany), here is the Dailymotion upload:

If you want the unprocessed version, here is the original file.


    1. pix

      Fuck… get a proxy or wait for me to upload to dailymotion :D

      EDIT: Added a Dailymotion upload and a link where you can download the original file.

  1. swatllama

    I liked it! You had really nice cuts in the forge clip at the beginning and the dust2 clip midway through. Some funny fails and tk’s :D.

    I don’t like texreduce, but if that’s part of your gameplay config, go with it!

  2. pix

    Thanks! It means a lot to hear that! :)

    Unfortunately I usually play when I _don’t_ want to concentrate. If I do focus hard on the game, the stuff from the video happens. So I guess you are right, I’ll try and move my approach to playing from “eh, whatever, I only play for the lulz” to “it might be more fun if I play better”. :)

  3. Acuerta

    This fragmovie is pretty … good!

    + texreduce (not even a shitstorm this time, guess the community has grown some additional brain cells)
    + transitions (some of them are really great)

    You have clearly stepped up your game, and I can’t wait to see you work with MoG clips again.

      1. savanha

        He’s too busy making a guide on how to make a guide to leave a reply.

        As for the video pix is not allowed to use “” anymore ! Nice editing , I also loved those intentional teamkills that poor nub deserved that nade-air-shot :D.

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