SSL June – The Results

Insta CTF 3 vs 3

1. .rC| (Blushie, Deluxe, Jawer, Marti, Rexus)

2. |DM| (Lokio, Skillz, Zoocata)

3. .cS| (CubeX, Friteq, neon, Zeus)


Effic Hold 3 vs 3

1. vaQ’ (Acuerta,Cocoa, Fear, Frosty, Star)

2. .cS| (Agalloch, Friteq, neon, sparta)

3. w00p| (hades, lagout, raffael, wtf)


Efficiency 1 vs 1

1. raffael

2. neon

3. Honzik1


Screenshots: (Instactf), (Effic Hold), (Efficiency)

Demos: (link)

For more information visit their homepage.


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