SSL Farewell Party – Day 1

Day 1 of SuperSauerLeague’s farewell tournament has come to an end and these are the results:

In instagib 1v1 the Czech allstar [flag=’cz’] Honzik1 made a clean sweep and secured the victory in the finals against [flag=’fr’] lagout. The 3rd place went to Honzik1’s clanmate [flag=’ru’] degrave. [brackets]

The eCTF 3v3 competition provided for a thrilling set of round robin matches between the contesting clans RB, vaQ, w00p, !s and eC, culminating in a nailbiter final between the Red Butchers and w00p clan. In the end the w00p lineup ([flag=’fr’] lagout [flag=’ba’] raffael [flag=’de’] xlr8) emerged the winners, prevailing over the domination of the Red Butchers trio [flag=’cz’] Honzik1 [flag=’ru’] degrave and [flag=’rs’] Partizan.

Congratulations to all winners and see you next Sunday!

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  1. star

    Quote: Partizan is not here so I can say the truth, we lost because PARTIZAN


  2. Partizan

    Yea, they lost coz of me, and i left simply cuz i had to wake up at 5am… So i went to bed, i hope i will play next sunday. And Acuerta, im not pissed off, i was just too much sleepy and i couldnt move normaly, i never rq….

  3. Partizan Excusemaker

    you didnt play better or worse than you always do.

    maybe just maybe the enemy team was simply better :D

    1. Honzik1

      Most of time Partizan has more damage than me in clanwars. Yesterday he hadnt in single game.

      1. Acuerta

        Last 10 matches where RB and w00p played with their top lineup.

        8 w00p wins – 1 tie – 1 RB win

        So yesterday nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for the 1 victory you got against us in the round robin stage maybe :D

      2. Acuerta

        I wouldn’t have brought it up at all if they weren’t pretending that it must have been some freak accident or extreme teammate failure that caused their loss.

        In my opinion these stats demonstrate very well that it was _not_ Partizan’s fault. And yea, teammate blaming is really pathetic.

  4. Zoocata

    Now that it’s the end of the tournament, I think FrozenRain has a confession to make… :D

    1. niaRnezorF

      The confession that Zoocatas flag running abilities against cS were so brutal and sodomizing that it caused cS to disband?


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