SSL eCTF Mix Tournament

Are you one of the people watching IRC all day in order not to miss a single “is looking for mixed games” message by bottie? Then the following is for you (plus, of course, everyone else)!

The team of Supersauerleague has just announced to be hosting a “3v3 eCTF Mix Tournament” on Sunday, 22nd March.


What exactly do they mean by calling it a “mix” tournament?

The ruleset differs from conventional team cups in some aspects – as the title suggests, especially in terms of team composition.

Teams consist of three players each, whereof no more than one person may be from the same clan. This doesn’t mean that a clan is not allowed to send more than one player to the event, as long as they are not part of the same team. Naturally, since it is a mix tournament, it also isn’t restricted to clan members but instead open to anyone – just gather two of your friends (four including substitutes) you often play with anyway and sign up. There are slots available for 16 teams in total.


How to sign up?

Basically there are two ways of signing up:

  1. Use your Challonge account to directly enter your team in the bracket.
  2. Query swattlellama or Fearer on IRC.


What maps are going to be played?

Following maps are in the pool: abbey, forge, mbt4, redemption, tempest
Information about the mass-efficteam map hasn’t been published yet.


When, where, what else?

Sunday, 22nd March, 5pm UTC (6pm Central European Time), 20000, and 20000

Check out the official SSL blog post for detailed information about the ruleset, including examples of what is allowed and what is not.


  1. swatllama

    You CAN have a team of 3 clanless people, by the way! Or a clanless guy and two clan people (of separate clans). Or TWO clanless guys and a clanless guy.

  2. Zoocata

    I’d love to play! Anyone want Zoocata on their team before I go inactive for a month on the 24th? :)


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