SD #35: FFA 1v1 Recap

Hello sauer friends, lately we had our last sauer event for 2019. New year/decade is coming and hopefully will bring more games and exciting games like the final we had on this tournament. This time the participation was on the same level as the previous FFA tournament. Apart from that we had the big names like Lokio and Redon but also notas and frosty weren’t there to make things hotter. Finally i was happy to see starch compete on this mode again and our new player Jahoo.

First round

Unfortunately we didn’t have many excited games at the start. We had a sQ civil war between me and rotti on tumwalk where rotti had a pretty easy start. Next we had Johoo first ffa game against zcrone. Unfortunately for him zcrone aka ffaplayer_84 is a more experimented player and he won the game. The most interested game on the first round was between h8 and tay|z. I know tay trained himself a lot before this tournament and i was keen to see his performance. The map was metl3 and tay had a good start against h8 and the first quad was very productive for him. h8 on the other side by setting a shotgun trap managed to stop tay and ruin his stack. After 5 minutes game-play both players were pretty close. But h8 was the one who bit by bit got the advantage and his last quad was deadly and gave him the victory.

Round 2 and round 1 of loser bracket

On round 2 we had many promising games. Redon had his first game against h8. Redon had a bit of rust on his shoulders and many spectators were hoping for a h8 surprise. Unfortunately Redon proved them wrong. The map was corruption and Redon had the control during the game and that was enough to give him the victory. Next starch with his superior aim had an easy game against zcrone and lokio again rotti showed to everyone that he is aiming high. On loser bracket we hadn’t have any surprises. Tay|z managed to collect his pieces from the previous game and he got an important victory against zcrone. Unfortunately for jahoo his opponent was superior and he got out of the tournament. Personally i had a promising start against secrets on metl3 but his aim was better and he quickly got control of the game.

Round 3 and round 2 of loser bracket

On round 3 the big ffa names started to face each other. The first good game was that between lokio and starch. They played on metl4 and i think that was a balance option for those 2 players. Lokio had a good start by having 8 points and starch 1. Starch on the other side got the first quad and manage to reduce the difference. On the half of the game the game was balanced and it was lokio who had a small advantage. On the other half Lokio increased his difference and despite starch effort he got the win. The second game was that between Redon and lagout. They also played on metl4 and based on my small experience i think that helped Redon. Because he was the one was got almost all the yellow shields, quads and health boosts. And with his usual crescendo didn’t give a chance to his opponent for a comeback. On loser bracket we had another sQ games. Tay had to play against rotti. A very excited match up and we were lucky watching those two good ffa players fight each other. The map was tumwalk and based on my previous experience i knew rotti was strong there. Both had a very good start and the score was same. On half of the game it was rotti with a good quad run who had the advantage. But on the other half it was tay who got the quads and he took advantage of them. He managed to turn things around and win the game. i definetely recommend to watch that game. The other pair was starch vs h8 on corruption. Starch had a good start on the game but i this map is a h8 map. It was there where he did some crazy stuff. So bit by bit he reduced the difference and won the game.

Semifinal and the rest loser bracket games

It was about time Redon to face lokio on the semi final. The map was paradigm and i thought Redon would win that game because he is really good on that map.But lokio had a different opinion than me. He had a strong start and by getting the quads and the majority of yellow armors managed to get a big victory and send redon to loser bracket for the first time( as far as i know). Now on loser bracket h8 was the one who got victorious through the long process and he was the one who had to face redon for the ticket to the final. Redon was ruthless on that game. They played on tumwalk and redon by controling the important items and use teleports on his advantage he got a huge victory. h8 on the other side got the third place.


I could write a separate review for the finals only but unfortunately i have to summarize them. They were amazing and very exciting. Lokio semifinal win increased the interest and everyone wasn’t sure about the result.

Lokio was the one who picked first and his map choice was paradigm. There is no surpise here as it is normal to pick the map which gave you the previous victory. This time Redon didn’t let his opponent to control the game. After the first half Redon was the one was had a small advantage the things were going very well for thim. Lokio on the other side managed to reduce the difference. On the last minute of the game both players had the same points and they tried to collect weapons for the final battle. But this never ended because Redon decided to felt into void and lose a point. That was enough to give Lokio his first win.

On the second game Redon picked tumwalk, another logical choice as it was there where he got a massive victory. The first half ot the game was head to head. Both players didnt’ have any big advantage and most of the time the score was the same. On the second half i was where Redon started to build a difference which was enough to give him the victory and now they both had 1 win.

On the final game lokio picked the pre-agreed map which was npm8. It was a fair play from lokio side. Personally i haven’t seen this map for a long time during a tournament and that change felt nice. This time the game started differently as redon build a goot difference from his opponent. From our side we were watching those players dancing through npm8 ruins and waiting for a lokio comeback. Someone could say that the first half of the game was a redon half and the second one was a lokio one. Lokio started his comeback and he reduced the difference. On the last 3 minutes lokio felt down and that stopped his momemtum for that time. Apart from that he was still managed to cotrol the game and reduce further the difference. Redon on the other side had an equal silly suicide and that created the follow situation. Lokio was losing by 1 point and he was having the quad. Redon was hiding and was trying to keep the score. It was a very stressful last minute to watch and play. Fortunately for Redon, his opponent didn’t find him and that gave him the title.

That’s it guys, this tournament was very exciting one. I am happy to see h8 to be the next big ffa name. The finals were amazing and thanks to those two players for their perfomance. I apologise for this late review as we are all on holiday.

p.s I would like to wish you a happy new year and the next year to be a better one for everyone.

Tournament results

notas stream part 1

notas steram part 2


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    Hello all, apologies for the late recap, holidays were a bit busy for me. Apologies for any grammatical mistakes too.


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