SD #22 Effic 1v1 – Pre-Game Interviews with Master, Lokio & Rexus

Note that the interviews were conducted on Friday, so many people had not signed up by then. Also, we initially wanted to get a few more voices but unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of some players, so sorry for that!
What Master, Lokio, and Rexus had to say will more than make up for that, though!

(How) are you preparing for the tournament on Sunday? How’s your current shape?
I’m mostly preparing through playing a lot of effic in public matches, mixes and duels, but I also watch better players and try to adapt the playstyle that fits my needs. My current shape is probably the best I’ve had in the past 6 years, but I feel like I can get way better and that’s what I’m aiming for.

Who’s your favourite for the title?
There are a lot of people who can win this title but at the moment, I think Acuerta, Rexus and Lokio will have a good chance of winning this title allthough I would love to see what people like bug and Bertholt, who have trained a lot in the past weeks, can pull off.

Do you think you can pull off an upset against some of the high-tier players?
If everybody of the high-tier players will play only 1/4 of their best form I don’t see any big upset on my side, but I would love to see some underdogs rising up in this tournament and kicking some of the high-tier players asses :smile:

(How) are you preparing for the tournament on Sunday? How’s your current shape?
I haven’t really been doing anything specific to prepare besides playing often, but really what more can you do? I’m not in tip-top effic shape given that I’ve been focusing more on ffa for a while, but I feel like my recent results have been pretty solid and I’d say my effic is about as good as it’s been in months.

Who’s your favourite for the title?
As it stands I think Rexus is definitely the favorite, but I could definitely see a good fight being put up by Frosty, Acuerta, and myself, depending on how those players show up on Sunday. I foresee a lot of close games, who knows how it’ll turn out?

(How) are you preparing for the tournament on Sunday? How’s your current shape?
I’m just grabbing duels and mix games whenever I can most evenings As I’ve been fairly inactive my main priority is shaking off as much rust as possible. In duels I practise my speed more than anything. Fast kills and getting high accuracy are what I believe will make the biggest difference to my performance with the time I have. In mix games I’m taking things easy, just getting comfortable with my setup and sauer. As I said I’m a little rusty so getting as comfortable as possible with sauer will be my main focus in casual games. Currently my aim is looking strong and my mind is in good shape. I’m a little slow and my decision making could be better. I’m not peak performance but I can’t complain.. I feel pretty good about Sunday!

Who’s your favourite for the title?
My favourite for this title is definitely hadis (If he plays). He’s one of the top guys in sauer who has yet to earn himself a gold star and he’s in great shape to take it this time around. Otherwise I’m hoping to win it myself this time around xD There’s some awesome competition and I think I got what it takes to show the rest I’m still one of the best.

You can still sign up, be a part of the madness and win our 20€ steam gift that will be raffled among all participants!

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