SCL iCTF February: Poll

The event for February will be iCTF, per results of the last poll.

The two maps that will be featured from collect will be capture_night and forge. Vote for the other 5 maps you want to see! The top 5 from this poll will be included.

More details like the date, bracket, and format to come along with the map pools and will be announced on January 27th.

What new iCTF maps do you want to see in February's tournament? (You can vote up to 5 options)

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  1. notas

    i am one person, i do not run this tournament, and my personal opinion that i am sick of playing reissen in ictf did not determine the map pool

    1. notas

      and if my personal opinion did determine the map pool, i would put collide over tubes. tubes is an interesting map but i’m deeply skeptical of it for ictf. we shall see. but collide is fuckin awesome, get with the times people


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