SCL Circuit Moved To September 5th & Pool Updates

valThe SCL Circuit will be moved to September 5th. There will also be mappool updates: capture_night in the iCTF pool will be replaced by reissen, and waltz in teamplay will be replaced by c_valley

Full Details below: 

The next event will be a 3v3 circuit. What the fuck is that? I shall describe!!

The circuit will consist of 3 3v3 modes: eCTF, iCTF, and hold. In a best-of-3 set, each mode can only be picked once. Each mode also has its own pool of 3 maps. The higher seed will pick the first mode and map, and from then on, the loser of the previous game will pick from the remaining modes and maps.
The team that picks the third map can also choose to have any player on their team challenge any player on the other team in the mode that is left (hold -> ffa, ectf -> effic, ictf -> insta). The opposing team can decline the duel challenge, and then the team mode will be played.

Map Pools:
hold: nmp4, nevil_c, c_valley
ectf: luna haste redemption
ictf: rust reissen collide

When: September 5th, 6PM CEST
Format: Double elimination, bo3 winner’s bracket with loser picking. In the loser’s bracket, both teams will veto a mode (with lower seed vetoing first), and then the map will be vetoed with the lower seed vetoing first again. The finals will be a bo5, with loser picking mode / map. Modes may not be picked twice in a row, but the same mode may be picked. Ie, you could pick hold, eCTF, hold, eCTF, iCTF for instance, in the finals.

Sign up by pm’ing swatllama!

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