Sauerworld’s First Mapping Challenge

Dear mapper,

Are you in for some more mapping action? Then sign up for the first Sauerworld Mapping Challenge: Remake Challenge!

If you are familiar with the mapping challenges on, then you are already one step ahead. For those who aren’t, let us explain:

A “Mapping Challenge” is an event where anybody from the community – serious mappers, casual ones, or anyone just looking to get a foot in the door – can sign up and proceed to create a map following the guidelines of the given challenge. At the end of the time limit, usually a few months, a voting is held for the best one!
For this first edition, the challenge is to make your best remake of an FPS map of your choosing. The map can be from Quake, Counter Strike, or any game you can think of other than Sauer, as long as it is a remake of an already existing map. So, do you want more information? Then read on!


  • You are allowed to sign up until the 28th of March 2015 0:00 GMT. Any entries which sign in after that date are still allowed to participate but can expect a penalty during the voting period.
  • The challenge starts on the 29th of March 2015 at 0:00 GMT and ends on the 10th of May 2015 0:00 GMT.
  • You can sign up as a single participant or as a team with a maximum of 2 people, but you must specify when you sign up.
  • You can remake a map from any game, as long as it reaches the standards of (proper gameplay and flow, some quite fancy texturing, lighting, detailing, etc).
  • The map must be no larger than mapsize 16.
  • The map shouldn’t contain more than 150k of wtr and shouldn’t be bigger than 8MG in file-size (the .ogz-file).
  • You are allowed to make preparations for the mapping before the start date (like picking a textureset, setting up a config-file, scripts, etc), but you are not allowed to start until the 28th of March. This of course cannot be controlled, so let’s rely on trust, shall we?
  • Only 2 participants are allowed per team.
  • Do not plagiarize. All work submitted must be your own.
  • Do not edit another participant’s submission, or have anybody else edit you own. The only person who can edit your map is you and/or a team member.
  • Copying content from existing maps is not permitted or tolerated, unless it’s configuration-based content (such as texture settings, scripts, etc).
  • The map should be packaged as suggested by this Packaging Guide.

Signing up

If you are interested in participating, leave a comment at the bottom of this post with the following template:

  • Name of participant(s):
  • Original game(s):                                   <—List the name of the game that the map originally was made for.
  • Original map:
  • Theme(s):                                                <—Examples: Sci-Fi, Medieval, Snow, Terrain, any combination (get creative!)
  • Game Mode(s):                                      <—Examples: 1v1 Duel, CTF, Capture, Deathmatch, etc.


  • Post your maps in this forum thread:
  • Include a screenshot. This will help to easily differentiate between the different submissions.
  • Include a description:
    • Game Mode(s): Your own call, as long as it’s an official mode within Sauerbraten.
    • Theme: Describe the theme you’ve picked.
    • Amount of players: The minimum and maximum number which you think that should fit the map.
    • License: This MUST be mentioned in your post. No map will be accepted without a license. If you need help selecting, check this out.
    • Original game(s): Provided with a link towards a page that shows off the original game.
    • Original map: Provided with a link towards a page that shows off the original map.
    • Original author(s): Everyone who created the original map.

More Info

  • A poll will be created by the Sauerworld team after the last day of the challenge where people will vote for their favorite map. Remember when creating, that you are appealing to the masses!
  • The winner(s) of the challenge will have their map reviewed in the Map Discovery section of, their map starred on, and have an exclusive interview with the Sauerworld team.
  • You are allowed to attach any other content to your node, such as textures, models, etc, as long as it is included in a separate zip-file and is relevant to the node. You should also mention so when attaching anything to your node of participation.

If you have any questions on this post or on the challenge in general, contact Suicizer ([email protected]/#sauerbraten on IRC, or #sauercom on or Fatality ([email protected]/#sauercom on
Good luck and fine mapping!



All information provided within this event may be used as a base to create other events; as long as the original author is notified (by sending an email). Giving credits is your own decision, but if you insist so; original author: Suicizer. Created at 22:36 on 7th of  March 2015.


  1. swatllama

    If any mappers are looking for inspiration, some quake maps I think would be cool to see in Sauer: lost_world (we kind of have a few aerowalks in the works already, but if you’d like to do your own go ahead), blood_run, toxicity, furiousheights, sinister, silence.
    lost_world and blood_run might be meh for sauer in their current state.

    If you want a Counterstrike map, I have some suggestions for that: inferno, nuke, mirage, cache.

    If any of yew mappers want criticism, just HL me and I will pick apart anything I can.

  2. Suicizer

    As I’m not seem to edit the page (yet) and somehow the incorrect version has been posted.
    Some addition to the rules are:
    – Remakes from maps which are not official in the release version of the game are not allowed.
    – Remakes from official maps which are already included within any game running on Cube Engine 2 are not allowed.
    The map shouldn’t contain more than 150k of wtr and shouldn’t be bigger than 8Mb in file-size (the .ogz-file).

    For the voting period:
    – When uploading the zip-file, it contains at least:
    – .ogz-file
    – .jpg-file (no .png-files!)

  3. Suicizer

    – Remakes of maps which are released within a stand-alone mod however are allowed.

  4. Zoocata

    Dammit! I was hoping this would be from May to June.
    I’ll be out f the country for all of April so I’ll have to sit this one out :/

      1. Zoocata

        “You are allowed to make preparations for the mapping before the start date (like picking a textureset, setting up a config-file, scripts, etc), but you are not allowed to start until the 28th of March. This of course cannot be controlled, so let’s rely on trust, shall we?”

  5. Fatality

    Name of participant: Fatality
    Original game: James Bond – Agent Under Fire
    Original map: Town
    Theme: Medieval
    Game Mode(s): FFA, teamplay, hold, capture

  6. Suicizer

    Name of participant: Suicizer
    Original game: Quake Live
    Original map: Focal Point, Quarantine or Trinity (not sure yet).
    Theme: Space/Abstract, indoor and industrial indoor.
    Game Mode(s): Capture, Hold.

    1. star

      Great choices, I think Quarantine would make a good ctf map, with a few changes!
      Trinity could end up just being another curvedm, but Focal Point would make a great ffa map!
      lookin forward to this!

      1. Suicizer

        …Then it’s not a remake of you do a few changes.
        I probably will go for Focal Point as it contains less tough texturing (like curved paths). Although Quarantine is nice also…

      1. Suicizer

        You can do so but I warn you; the curves of Trinity work as a disadvantage on Cube Engine 2 (in performance, dimensions and constructing). Next to that, it has a typical texturing (like on floors) that is alligned with the geometry of the map; something which Cube Engine 2 can’t do.

        So I rather go for a map like Focal Point, Quarantine or even Hidden Fortress as they don’t have such issues (or way less).

  7. Doko

    Name of participants: Doko, Pyccna
    Original game: Quake Live
    Original map: Toxic
    Theme: industrial/radioactive facilities/futuristic
    Game Mode(s): Duel 1v1

  8. KI113R

    Name of participants: KI113R
    Original game: Tremulous
    Original map: Karith Station 2
    Theme: industrial/si-fi
    Game Mode(s): CTF

  9. iNova4

    Name of participant(s): iNova4
    Original game: Uberstrike
    Original map: Superprism Reactor
    Theme: Sci-fi/Futuristic Space
    Game Mode(s): FFA, duels of all modes, teamplay

  10. Suicizer

    As a notification; be sure to also make an own topic before 29 March 2015 which is named as:
    RMC: [name_of_map]

    When the challenge officially started, do the next couple of things:
    – Be sure you’ve included everything stated at the header of Participation.
    – Post the progression of your map weekly (no real deadline on that though).

  11. Kv

    Name of participant(s): Kv
    Original game: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Original map: DM-1on1-Albatross
    Theme: Medieval ruins / Nature
    Game Mode(s): Duels and Deathmatchs of all kind

  12. TristamK

    Name of participant: TristamK
    Original game: Quake III
    Original map: Blood Run\ZTN
    Theme: sci-fi\abstract\infernal
    Game Mode(s): duel\FFA

  13. swatllama

    Name of participant: swatllama, Briggzy
    Original Game: Quake Live, maybe it was in Q3?
    Original Map: lost_world
    Theme: Hell I haven’t decided yet. The original theme is “infernal.”
    Game Modes: FFA Duel, 2v2 teamplay.


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