Sauerworld – Now Hiring

Hey everyone, summer heat is taking its toll on all of us but rest assured, we have some awesome things in store for you! In order for us to realize our plans we need YOU!

If you want to contribute and be a part of the team please contact either Acuerta or Frosty in IRC. (Gamesurge – #sauercom)


  1. Acuerta

    What you can help with depends on what you would _like_ to help with.

    – collect clan & community news
    – conduct interviews or assist
    – write columns / editorials (personal opinion pieces)
    – write news
    – conduct q&a’s
    – etc.

    Now it should be mentioned that it is very uncommon that people have to do a certain task all by themselves. Usually everything is a joint effort. :)

    1. SAPER

      I can be your contact for news/interviews from RB members.
      I have access to the body of almost every RB player :D

  2. swatllama

    The first time someone said “WE WANT YOU” with that photo to Americans, us draftable boys got gassed and our legs blown off and then fucked up Jumpers home more than the weird ass Serbian genetics already did.

  3. neon

    I would be up with hosting a ladder, like already seen in from achille (with hosting I mean administrating and overlooking the games, I won’t host any new servers) of course this will only happen if the interest is big enough so it would be nice to know what you guys think about it. I would set up rules, mappool and somehow a system, help is wished and needed to get a good logistic into it probably, I can’t invent it new but I try to change it into the right direction), also for first I would start with 1 duel ladder (I don’t mind if a vote determinates which mode will be played) and 1 clanwar ladder (same as in duels, a vote determinating the mode would be great). I am currently not on my PC, but if there are enough interests and positive feedback I will directly start setting up a ruleset/mappool/participants list if I am home again. So please: share your opinion with me. Also, if someone wants to help me out or has fresh new ideas with the project, feel free to contact me @ IRC (ne0n) or under [email protected], would be nice to get as many feedback about the idea as possible

    1. neon

      Kinda yes, I know it’s not a new idea, but sauer world is actually a platform which better reaches sauer players all over the community, if sauer world ofc don’t want to get involved into that kind of action I can understand it aswell (this idea was in my head for quite some time now, as I’ve readed the post here I though I could bring it up and see what reactions are), if I would do this over e.g. The cubestrikerS website, I think it would’ve scared away potential players

    2. Acuerta

      Speaking as someone who has hosted ladders before:

      <@Acuerta> about the ladder thing: duel can work
      <@Acuerta> clanwars definitely won’t
      <@Acuerta> it’s already difficult enough to get every individual to play their games but with clans, especially considering the clan activity level atm, it’s probably next to impossible

      I’d be willing to help with a duel ladder though. Effic seems like the best choice imo since it is played the most.

      1. neon

        Alright great, yea effic might be the best choice for first, we’ll talk about the details and stuff if I return

  4. Zoocata

    Sent you (frosty) a quick list of ideas to help extend Sauerworlds reach and impact on newer players. If you’re interested in them, feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]

    I’m confident these ideas/plans will work because it’s exactly what I wanted to happen when I first started playing.


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