Sauerworld mappack update March 2017

[UPDATE] The newest mappack is now dated: 18September2018. Click here to download it.


At very the time of publishing the mappack Fatality did some more work on laucin. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I finally took the time to update the mappack! Some maps have some minor changes, some big ones (dust6) but more importantly, there are new maps included! Some of Ardelico’s last work as well as some of the voted maps from our poll (playable and above 20%).

Check them out here:

And for the whiny bitches who will cry about download size (ROFL it’s DSL worldwide) I made a download with just the updated maps here: (~67.5mb)

Let us know if you don’t like a map and think it should be removed or if another has to be included urgently, because otherwise OMG OMG WTF 1.6mb! USE THE COMMENTS!

Found a bug? Write me via IRC/Discord.


  1. va|Rudi

    Thank you Star for the update MapPack and a huge thank you to all the amazing Editors who made and gave us these new and exciting maps to explore and play on!!!

    As a editor myself I have made a duel map called Truth and it’s a lot of fun to play on . . Could we possibly work on a few duel maps and also have them added into a nice little Duel MapPack?

  2. Bourbon

    Thanks for your effort to Update the Mappack, even when People still prefer to play forge/reissen/dust!

  3. Aga

    reissen is just amazing

    I prefer editors to meet with players to build a great map .

    Anyway, good job. Could you please (if its not a problem) to list the changes? Added maps, which maps are updated etc… or is it included in some readme inside of package?

      1. Sweeper

        Well that is no secret. One has to know the basics of the game in order to create a good map. Unfortunately the game is full of talented mappers who make maps that nobody really needs.
        Eye candy 11/10 – Playability 2/10, thats the average result. Once when I was bored, I made concept arts for some maps, but sadly I cant edit at all. Anyway, do you know these poor countries in which most of the people suffer, but the guys in charge decide to build some skyscraper for prestige instead of building some houses for their population? Its basically the same situation here.

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