SauerFork Interview – Looking behind the scenes

Some weeks ago, we reported about a project called SauerFork for the first time. Back then, we also promised you to organize an interview with the developers. And as we never let you down, here you go:

SauerCom: Welcome, “SauerFork”! Some of our readers have probably already heard about your project, but for those who have not, could you quickly introduce yourselves? What are you working on?

supertux: Generally speaking we are a bunch of developers working on a fork of Sauerbraten, which tries to stay as sauer-like as possible while adding new features and renewing everything which blocks future progress and creativity. If you actually asked which features we’re working on, we could all throw in a single mysthic feature we’re currently implementing:

Hanack: Particles!
a_teammate: ingame content deployment!
sanitizer: web presence!
supertux: weapon system!
Hanni: visual scripting!
Fohlen: client-community integration!
Fatality: new gameworlds!
mapc: CEF!
nothing: Sound track!
Nooby: Free content!
killme: CMake!
PeterPenacka: XMPP!

nothing: Ok, i hope that was cryptical enough to let all your imagination run free!

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