SD #22 Effic 1v1 – Sauerworld Coverage and 20€ Steam Gift

Can you hear the hype train? If not, better get off the rails because it’s literally gonna steamroll you in a minute!
I know you didn’t ask for this but you’re going to get it anyway, so listen up what we have in store for you this weekend.

Pre-Event Coverage
We will prick up our ears, talk to favorites, and analyse who will pull off an upset! Watch out for more posts in the next couple of days.

Post-Event Coverage
The winner (possibly also the runner-up) gets an exclusive Sauerworld interview!

20€ Steam Gift Card
Yes, you heard right. Sauerworld is giving away a 20€ Steam gift card!
The clue about it is that it’s not the winner who gets it, but that it will be raffled among all participants!
Buuut that’s not all. For each round you win, your name will be added once more to the tombola, thus increasing your odds the further you get in the tournament!
And don’t forget: More participants means more work for Frosty so let’s ruin his Sunday!!!

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