SauerCom Moments of Glory #1

We’re proud to announce ‘Moments of Glory’ #1!

Starting today we’re offering you to submit demos to SauerCom with entertaining scenes.
We will review all of your footage and then vote the no. 1 “Moment of Glory” and create a little movie clip from it!

What we mean by “entertaining scenes”:

  • frags
  • flagruns
  • tactically interesting moves
  • generally funny scenes
  • scenes from duels/mix/clanwars have better chances!
How to record / get demos:

  • record client-side demos with e.g. WahnClient
  • get demos on the server ( /listdemos & /getdemo # )
  • fetch PSL1-4 demos here

How to submit demos:

  • upload the demo, e.g. to mega or zippyshare
  • message SauerCom on or use the contact widget on the right
  • give link & timestamp (press TAB and check for time left)

Deadline is Sunday, 15th December. This means you have all weekend and next week to make your Moment of Glory come true!

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