Sauercom eCTF Invitational Cup: This Sunday, February 2nd

It’s time! This Sunday, February 2nd the Sauercom eCTF Invitational Cup will be played.

Prepare yourselves. This will be epic.

8 Teams, best of 3, double elimination, 4 games at once. One champion.


Sunday, February 2nd

UTC: 17:00
Moscow (UTC+4): 9:00 PM
CET (UTC+1): 6:00 PM
US Eastern: 12:00 PM
US Western: 9:00 AM


In case the master server goes down, the server IP is There will be 4 game servers, on ports 1 2 3 and 4.

The connects are:
/connect 1
/connect 2

/connect 3
/connect 4

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