Sauerbraten Competitive League Tournament Announcement: eCTF December 20th

With the new release, we aim to provide more consistent and active competitive events for Sauerbraten under the banner “Sauerbraten Competitive League” (SCL). The goal of this project is to provide regular tournaments and leagues to play in for a variety of players and skillsets, for both duel and team modes.

To celebrate the new release and all the new maps, we will be hosting an eCTF tournament on December 20th.

When: December 20th, 6PM CET.

Format: Double Elimination, best of 3 winner’s bracket and best of 1 loser’s bracket.

Map Picks: In the winner’s bracket, each team will pick a map (higher seed picks first), and then each team will get two vetoes (lower seed vetoes first), and the last map left will be the tie-breaker map. Finals will be a best of 5.

Map Pool: rust luna breakout enigma haste disruption stadium


Message swatllama to sign up your clan or mixed team!

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