5 Reasons Why Sauerbraten Is Dying

[This is a commentary based purely on the author’s personal opinion.]

We all know Sauerbraten isn’t really dead – after all, there were quite a few participants in last week’s tournament – but the overall downward trend is obvious. Many times I have seen people put forward their ideas as to why our beloved game is in such a sorry state, so I compiled my own list.

  1. The time between releases has been increasing tremendously. New releases give new incentives to play the game, but without them it can get dull. A look at the release history confirms that.

  2. When new releases came out in the past, lots of people were left behind in the old version because there was no auto-updater and usually not even a global message that would let them know  their game was outdated.

  3. Many veterans of the first generation have opted out at one point or another because they are working full-time jobs now. This group of people was the most productive one the community has seen so far. In this period many of the great clans were founded and the Premier Sauerbraten League was organized. Unfortunately, the influx of new players could never really compensate for the loss of these oldies.

  4. DDoS attacks have become a plague in recent years, destroying the last professionally organized competitive league SWL and regularly emptying public servers. Guarding yourself against these attacks is time-comsuming and costs money, which is why some decide the effort is not worth it anymore.

  5. External factors, such as old-school FPS games going out of fashion (cf. Quake), teenagers being too spoilt by new hyper-realistic video games, etc.

What do you guys think about the current state of the game and the aspects mentioned in the commentary?

Drop your own opinion in the comments!


  1. greenadiss

    Yeah, I agree with you here and would like to add one more point which makes newcomers never come back again. I saw many times in game when newbs join mixes and old players instead of helping them, or at least kindly answer why they cannot join the game yet, just give them shit answers like “/quit spectator” or anything like that. We will never have new players if we act like that. People who do this just don’t give a fuck about the game’s future. Sad but true.

    1. star

      come on be reasonable… you can’t start playing football in the world cup finals, neither…
      stupid bitch shit

      1. greenadiss

        yeah, how about explaining noobs what they are watching? there is no visible name for this, they see it as a public server which they cannot join

      2. greenadiss

        I remember myself being new and I never cared about such things, I just wanted to play on a server where I saw players. I think it’s important to be kind to new players, explain them things they don’t understand, give some advice to make them understand things faster. Doesn’t matter that you believe it’s not a big help, even small things can make a big impact when you do them constantly.

      3. star

        sadly dear geany, there are as many kids not understanding LOCKED servers, as those who just troll and get angry, even after you explained it. then there is also often a language barrier and they either seem not to respond to our requests or they just don’t understand it at all.
        I’ve explained shit to those kids many many times, I’m sick of it now. I’d rather get rid of them and have fun MYSELF, as opposed to getting into an argument with some random asshole MIDGAME.

  2. h8

    Could not have said it better myself. I also think that the large amount of options that gamers have these days makes it difficult for an old game like sauer.

    There is next to no marketing – the game isn’t on steam – considerable effort is required for a new player to find this game.

    1. notas

      i actually agree with this. A lot of old players left to start families and focus on careers, but others just went to play different games. Back in 2009 sauer had less competition

  3. Jumper

    The game is not improving, no new features. Only mods made by people who play this game, not the developers improve it in some way, but most of newbies don’t know about them, just like most of them don’t know about this website..

    1. Jumper

      I would also like to say that auto-update would be one of the best solutions so far. For example once the new official release is published, when you start the game, it’s being automatically updated. Just make a launcher for that, like you launch games via steam, make sauer launch via launcher. Will solve many problems.

  4. hamon

    Agree to the most things, auto-updater would be much cooler for new maps or mods.

    During the years the friendly support to newbies changed more and more unfriendly answers. Instead of working together some people prefer to troll/insult other old community members *hust* don’t wanna list known names ;-)

      1. Jumper

        lol it’s so fucked up… devs made it so slow compared to old good quake 3 arena.. meh i dont like it, wouldn’t want some shit like that ever happen to sauer

  5. frogsty

    Your reasons are very specific, this is how I see the big picture:

    People have different reasons why they play.


    – a community/friends
    – competition
    – stats/achievements/reward systems
    – mindless entertainment
    – endless opportunities for new activities

    When people can no longer find what they seek in sauer, the game loses its appeal.

      1. eXist

        Or, people ARE producing (the Sauer community has lots of coders), but all the good work has no chance to see the light of day, Eihrul does not even consider integrating Sauer mods. I speak from painful experience…

    1. Lord Tomlluckrah

      So new players only have competitive fast paced arena gameplay, which most don’t enjoy, and mindless entertainment in easy racemaps, zombie mode and campaign.

  6. swatllama

    Bring back instaprotect and regen capture for best games.
    What fagsty said.
    Mappers also should stop dicking around and make good maps that look good (and don’t bitch at me for not mapping, caustic quadropolis fucks, I’ve put my work into the game already).

  7. Rexus

    Quake Champions! Something I’m going to be very excited about!

    Sauer has a literal zero chance of growing and becoming as successful as other fps games are today. There’s no example of a game ever coming back from the graves and maintaining that popularity for long. Even Quake Live when it moved to steam has lost the momentum it gained from being front page. At best it’s simply increased longevity by a bit, but not saved itself from its inevitable drop to irrelevance.

    Better to work on the current community and focus efforts on the competitive/communal side of the game, if you so wish to contribute, that is.

      1. Rexus

        youre joking me, right?

        From being front page. That’s usually at release. So when the game was first release there was an influx of players, which QL has now mostly lost as your graph demonstrates.


      2. frostu

        But couldnt you play QL on the web for many years, before they forced you to have steam to play? And then the quake players were unhappy and stuff and the game lost momentum?

        i dont know, im not a quakepro expert lol

  8. Rastavi

    We can keep stressing how bad everything is in Sauer, how terribly people like Bengu1 fuck up the fun, how the playerbase is decreasing and how a new release is probably still far away.

    We can also realize there have been two tournaments in the last month, that old players like Asylum were online again last couple weeks, that this site/forum is active, that we have an IRC network where you can ask for a duel and get one within a reasonable time, that there’s high level locked games almost every night, that a newbie like me can get all sorts of useful advice for learning FFA, etc…..

    I vote for the second view.

  9. hadis

    I played competitively for 2 straight years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but there just isn’t any talent left. Everyone has either stopped playing games, or moved on to another game. Me personally, I just moved on, not because of the game its self, but because its boring playing vs the same people who already peaked in skill.
    I moved on to csgo because the community is bigger, I’m not even close to being the best, and esports is taking off, so I like the potential to make money playing a game I love.

    Anyway, I showed up in 2012, thats around the time the “legends” went inactive. Me and nighty were probably the last new players to be good at the game. Being the new noobs, we didn’t really notice, we just wanted to be the best. The only way to get this game active again is to recruit new noobs and make them better. Imagine if we took 100 noobs off venice and pastaland and made them into 100 acuertas… the scene would be a lot more fun and competitive.

    1. Sweeper

      I have tried to do exactly that, but it didnt work. Nobody is interersted in becoming better. They play 5h a day but unfortunately lack the time to practice as I was told. It seems that you and me got a different mindset than the majority of the playerbase. I dont enjoy playing this game, I dont enjoy stomping noobs, but what I do enjoy is competition. If I work hard to be good and this hard work pays off – Thats the fun for me. As the time moved on, this challenge disappeared from the game as we all know. Clanwars did not happen anymore, good players became rare, and playing duels against the same 5 guys over and over again seemed to be pretty worthless.
      Without real competetition, without rivalries, there is no reason for me to play there is no reason for me to play this game anymore, especially since there are plenty of other competitive games left to play, which all got that active community that sauer misses. In my prediction, the casual players will stay till the servers get shut down, but the core community, or lets better call it the clan scene will just fade away into nothingness. A lot of people left already and others will eventually follow.

      1. greenadiss

        you mean people who seek for competitiveness but there are still players who stay because of the community they are in. though the less of the main community left, the less reasons to stay. I am more speaking for myself but I am sure there are players who share this opinion with me.

      2. hadis

        The good players are competitive. People who play casually (just for fun) make up majority of the game is what i mean. It’s definitely not a good thing though.

      3. Jumpy

        I disagree that there are no people who want to become better. When I met Mysterycube he was noobie, so was I, and playing together vs each other, playing clanwars, fun matches, mixes we became better. It’s just one example, I know at least 5 people who were noobs before I gave them a suggestion how to become better, most of them joined good clans afterwards like rC. We can still find some newbies who’s are interested in a competitive scene. It’s only a matter if they are ready to practice, because on first stage they are gonna be fragged all the time, and I guess that’s not fun when you can’t hit a shit :D

    2. hamon

      There are not enough players /clans who took players from venice and pastaland and recruit them and make training with them. Clans just wanna win every clanwar to say ” we are the best” or “we are better than you. I just understand the competition but where is the competition if all competentive player left? Some clans should think about to let join newbies who wanna get competentive and should train them instead of beeing a half inactive clan with around 3-6 players… I know loosing a game doesn’t make fun at all but i prefer to loose a few games with my new clanmates /newbies in my clan to give them the motivation to train and get better. Sadly to see that alot of clans are stupid and deny applicants because lack of skill instead of let them staying longer as applicant (or as clanmember) and teach them how to play better…. This kind of clans just dig the graves of their clan and the community.. The other problems just told Sweeper.. There are alot of players who don’t wanna play competentive or in a clan(dont need to say the known names), but there are also a few palyers who wanna get competentive..

      A half year/year ago i was thinking about to do a trainingschool with a good coolaboration to the active clans and doing newbies Tournaments but there were many people who said ” i play against everyone duels” ” we let everyone play mixes” or ” There are alot of informationwebsites with tips+tricks(gave me seven links 5 of them are offline and two in spanish). In fact mostly the “known” names play mixes and they are
      preferentially to play mixes instead of waiting “nonames”.

      1. greenadiss

        >> i prefer to loose a few games with my new clanmates /newbies in my clan to give them the motivation to train and get better.

        said who? I remember you not letting applicants to play a clanwar against !s because you were afraid of losing it. pleeeeease. empty words

      2. hamon

        see IRC and you get your answer . We don’t let applicants play clanwars until they walk through some points while their application. If they reached that point they can play cw’s and also tournaments( see !sL)
        Nothing has to do with Skill. In your case the applicant doesn’t reached that point and also got a negative reply at his application. #Dontfeedthetroll

  10. Aga

    You named a lot of reason why it doesnt work.

    I still can see you to play this “dead” game. What about more effort and less vanity? Effort to get your mates to play cws? Not just waiting for mix one and half hour ;)

    Idc if this game is dying or not. I am not gonna stop to play it anyway.


  11. Friteq

    Well, I agree with Aqrta. Reason written by him are obvious. Sauer is not well known game, a lot of younger player prefer games which you have ranks, are slower, where you can grind skins, because there is some kind of reason/motivation to play for them. Also games like Sauer, quake are easy to play but hard to master, so they are getting pissed often that they suck. Graphics can be reason too.

    But, I saw comment about “unfriendly behaviour like /quit spectator” or “we should take care about newbs, teach em, help em” blabla. First of all, everytime we search for games, we see server list, where is magic yellow “locked” in description, that means something, or maybe not?But let’s say our brave new player survived that part of finding game, joined server…He can’t spawn, he is in spectator mode. In every fucking game you have spectator mode, to watch games…I think it’s obvious he/she can’t join game. Esspecialy when there are other players in spectator mode ;) And still server is LOCKED. Also, since Sauerbraten is not well known game(that means he was searching for cube/arena game or it was totally accidentcuz he wanted receipe for mum to make sauerbraten), most of us are 17+, it’s really hard to belive that our brave new player can’t understand why he can’t play. From the other side, if behaviour like “quit spectator” makes him sad and cry, that he/she won’t play anymore, how the hell he/she can survive getting rekt in games everry time in first weeks?Lol
    About new players…To get better you have to want get better, sorry but if player will want to get good, will find way to do that, like ask players. We are not babysitters, I am best example, in first weeks I was playing so much duels, asking players to play vs me all the fucking time(jawer/hades).
    So about makeing newb kindegarden, I doubt if it will work. Esspecialy that you have everything on Sauerworld and noone uses it rreally.Hamon said “clans should recruit players” clans recruit players, if someone has potential, we could help him, but well, player must WANT to get better.
    By they way, it’s funny that we search for newbs, to get good players. We have a lot of newbs, sorry guys but MOST of US are medium skilled players, how about instead of waiting for newbs who will improove, we guys will try to get better?At the moment there are few good players…But yeah, it”s better to sit on ass and cry, some of you play game for 6 years and are’t so good, please, wtf is that.

    1. notas

      While i totally agree with most of this, its worth noting that the ‘no hand holding, get good lol’ attitude can get taken too far. Quakelive is/was legitimately toxic. When you have to sit through weeks/months of ceaseless “you are trash, kill yourself and uninstall,” followed by kick from server, its quite hard to get into the game. It’s almost more amazing to me that anyone does. It’s gotten better in the last year with the elo capped 8v8 servers that are safe from bans and easy to start playing on, but by now its way too late.

      But yea have some perspective, the sauer community is seriously tame.

      1. Sweeper

        Almost all online communites are toxic, and quake is not even the worst. Counter strike, League of Legends and Dota are the most succesful titles at the moment, even though, their respective communities are mostly made of socially awkward and overly toxic people. If anything, then toxic people are a direct result of the games competitiveness. People dont like to carry players that are mainly deadwheight, especially if they go through a tough training routine themselves. Saying this, the toxicity can be encuraging to people and motivate them to become better players. What drives games to extinction is this noob friendly casual atmosphere, that reduces everything to plain, pointless fun and takes away every need to improve at the game. The guy that practices to become better, will play his hours and thus be active. He will also be more likely to get in touch with the community than the casual guys. I guss that you could compare it to a stores regular customers and the ones that randomly show up every now and then. The main problem is that the new players are from another generation than we are. People these days are spoiled, lazy and overly narcisstic. They want it all, but with zero effort. Everyone needs safe spaces, because they can not endure heated arguments or different opionons. Skilled people are not praised for their skill anymore, but hated for it – Because they take away the fun of the noobs. Just think about it for a while and you will understand what a sick logic that is. By their opinion is not their fault that they are too bad, but it is your fault that you are too good and thus you have to go in order to make things better for them. And dont you dare to argue with that, because this will automatically make you an arrogant and evil person. It is absolutely insane, up to the point of ridiculousness and highly reminds me of todays politcal discussions. A few last words: The seeds of sucess are dedication and discipline. Without them, there wont be any results. Everyone of us grinded his way to the top at some point and I think that we all can agree at the point that this was a lot thougher in the past than it is now. We can discuss for ages about what we can do better and where we fucked up, but in the end, we did our jobs. Its now the job of the newcomers to go and find their place within this game and wheather they will make it or not, is entirely up to their work setting and nothing else.

      2. notas

        “What drives games to extinction is this noob friendly casual atmosphere, that reduces everything to plain, pointless fun and takes away every need to improve at the game.”

        Yea, Sweeper, no. if that were true, Overwatch would be dead. instead it thrives because its designed to give a casual rewarding atmosphere even to shitty players, while having enough depth to reward diehards.

        For some of us, the competitiveness drives us to become good even at the toxic games. But the average player wants to have fun, and won’t stand for seething insults and being kicked out of games (again, this stuff doesn’t really happen in sauer, so I’m just discussing generally). Good matchmaking is crucial to prevent this, which all the games you mention have and which quake doesn’t. You need casual players to populate a game in order for a competitive community to thrive on top of it. Otherwise the whole thing implodes.

        Also, I dunno about Dota but I know LoL is even curated to avoid the kind of toxicity we’re discussing.

        I agree that to get real skill you have to shake off this shitty victim attitude. But a game still needs these shitty victims as well as the hardcore players. You don’t have to respect it, its just the way it is, for better or worse.

      3. Fros'd

        Game communities are toxic because it’s the internet which is basically just a safe place to blow off steam. There is no one set of specific circumstances to make a game thrive, in my opinion. It depends on what the game is built for and the reasons people play them. Sauer is a community driven open-sourced game, I doubt you’d find another competitive community from a game like this. The best reason I can think of for a competitive guy to stay with sauer is cause he has a old pc (low fps) and has made friends here.

        Also I disagree that skilled players are all hated. Just look at how many people are still dickriding on Acuerta :D

      4. swatllama

        When I could play quake (Windows), I was lucky enough to run into some people who would beat the shit out of me, but play with me at least until someone interesting showed up. Then, they’d kindly requested that I forfeit and watch them and learn from them.

        Kindly. And pointed out things I was doing that were stupid, and how to correct them.

        ” What drives games to extinction is this noob friendly casual atmosphere, that reduces everything to plain, pointless fun and takes away every need to improve at the game.” ~ Sweeper
        I think notas was misinterpreting what the guy with a voice 3 octaves lower than the rest of ours was saying. Things have become TOO casual, and there’s no incentive to get better. He’s not saying “be a dick to n00bs.” I think.

      5. notas

        Swat, in duel people tend to be nicer – until you win. Other modes are a bigger problem.

        It’s possible I misinterpreted what sweeper meant a bit, if so, sorry to Sweeper. I was trying to make a broader point about games other than sauer.

        Like i said way back at the beginning responding to greenadiss, all online games are “toxic” to some degree, just like sweeper says. And sauer is a very tame example.

  12. Darky

    I definitely agree with you guys about training players especially on friteq’s comment. I Played since 2010 and am nowhere near the skill level of Acuerta. Funny thing is, me and sweeper started out playing on venice and his skill level went off the roof when he joined a skilled clan.

  13. Fros'd

    Game communities are toxic because it’s the internet which is basically just a safe place to blow off steam. There is no one set of specific circumstances to make a game thrive, in my opinion. It depends on what the game is built for and the reasons people play them. Sauer is a community driven open-sourced game, I doubt you’d find another competitive community from a game like this. The best reason I can think of for a competitive guy to stay with sauer is cause he has a old pc (low fps) and has made friends here.

    Also I disagree that skilled players are all hated. Just look at how many people are still dickriding on Acuerta :D

  14. Alu

    Remember the cancer mods (zombies) 100% retard. I have heard many times regen players complaining about that “0 regen cus zombies mod” Or that the servers only have permanent and immovable instactf, Some of the competent players today, I am sure, will remember themselves starting in regen (or ffa public games?) there are some ffa novice players waiting patiently to play ffa Looking at the list of servers……….
    Instead of creating stupid mods or servers with useless master owners
    Do something different If there were more variety in the game, there would be more people

  15. Rexus

    Sauer is not designed well enough to be a “popular” game. Casuals won’t be interested enough. Sauer rewards competitive play, but provides nothing for casuals except a few weeks of warm fuzzy feelings when you hear the boop from fragging someone, that’s about it!

    Also sauer has barely got alpha development stage type of polish. It’s a proof of concept game for the engine it runs on.

  16. LR7

    Well this is quite a long conversation you guys have had about this game.

    Yes for quite some time this game has not been updated. Not to mentioned that there are also the fact that behind the scenes the developer the man who started this game in the first place had some really drastic events that got him to lose focus in which I personally had a chance to speak to him especially his son telling me about his mother who passed away, then pased him to the man himself telling me that he was going to attend his wifes funeral.

    not exactly sure if that was really him or somebody pretending to be him but to me it was convincing enough that even got me thinking about it over two years ago.

    I don’t think I was even supposed to mentioned about it but I felt like I should bring it out since no one is stopping me from speaking. Its really sad to have known about a detail like that. Only family members and some clothes are the ones to know about his wife’s death. I’m very surprised that I’m one of the very few perhaps the only one that knew before anyone else in the game community til set time of this post.

    That affected him resulting in the whole game itself to cease development.

    Even though this game is a really old and out-of-date. I do however find myself coming back to this game one way or another. Played this game since 2010 and I’ve had quite a history in which 2011 and 2012 are the most active years for me.

    Anyways aside from all that perhaps that might be one of the reasons why we haven’t had a new update of this game.

    For all I know that person might of made it all up and thought I was a sucker into believing it.

    None of the less it’s just a theory that just might be the cuase of the games deaths.

    1. miu

      he just lost interests in the game. he had been losing it during years. it’s not something that happened suddenly (see the timeline above), and you were stupid enough to post something that not many people supposed to know, in case it’s true. you must be a horrible person, or a fat troll, or simply an idiot

      1. LR7

        Not trying to sound like a horrible person of any of that. It’s info I had second hand and for all I know its made up as I mentioned.

        I’m just trying to make sense of things. I find if odd that he would tell me, a complete stranger and be ok with it.

        If you can confirm this, then please do.

  17. TheLove

    sauerbraten is not for teenagers, its for the age between 21-58, its always been like this, the kids get here always get involved in cheats etc.. not the real challenges.. and sauer is not dying, there is no advertisement .. if there’s no new comers how do u expect it will survive.. and of course thats because there is no updates etc etc.. which is why there is no support to the developer.. no one donate money and everyone expect to get updates.. never will happen.. do u remember when honzik and I donated? only a few from me and 100 euro from honzik i remember.. it meant a lot to eihrul… and updated sauer after it.. donate then eihrul will continue the support easy beasy

  18. Foxy

    Sauerbraten has a very tight-knit community. You have two types of players: fraggers, and editors.

    If you look at the fragging side, it’s mainly cut up into different clans, and these clans all have various websites that new sauerbraten players won’t be able to find unless they visit a site like this. Of course, sauerworld is one of the biggest sites about the game, but there is still no way for people to find this site unless they play the game for a while and run into other players who know about it. I feel like there should be an in-game list of sites that are related to sauerbraten for new players.

    now for the editors..
    Editing in sauerbraten is obviously very complicated. I guess I’m alright at it, but it took me months to get where I am now. I know I learned nothing from the editing readme provided with the game. The only reason I learned what I know is because of a tutorial map made by.. Nyne, I think.. I also had the pleasure of meeting members of the Fanatic clan (I later joined it) and I learned how to edit better because of them.

    The point I’m trying to get through is that the community is very private. You either know about the game, or you don’t. I feel like if more effort were made to advertise clans, both mapping and fragging, we’d have a stronger influx of new players.

  19. Fritz_Fokker

    Sauerbraten is ‘dying’ because it is not being improved nor updated.Plain and simple. I agree with some of your opinions but for me, the bottom line is that we are not trying to improve the game. We have 22+ different game modes: enough to cater most needs. Multiplayer coop-edit alone could have made a comparable alternative to minecraft had certain improvements been made.Yet it is one of the least played modes. Sauerbraten has a lot of potential but lacks the effort behind it.
    Also, I believe that the clans need to focus more on promoting the game rather than themselves. They need to consider recruiting players to play sauer rather than trying to recruit the few players we have left.
    Unfortunately, making things better requires some money and a lot of time. As this game is free to play and because being free is the only way it can even compete with other games, it will take the effort of some brave, talented and dedicated men to help revive Cube 2: Sauerbraten.

  20. NoobGuy

    Advertise the game via streams (I stream maps that I make, F4tality makes lots of frag videos and Youtube content, etc). Organize a new content squad to bump out a new protocol of the game. Promote community-related links, sites, and groups for newbies to join (I like the idea of skilled clans recruiting newbies and training them and also clans promoting the game instead of their clans). Create new structured tournaments (great for promotion since its a free game). How-to videos from the fighting community would be great as well. Right now we have 2 communities, one in-side the game, and one out-side the game, this needs to be brought back together (through previous ideas about promotion). After all this is accomplished, it’s up to the individual to decide to stay.

    TLDR ; just get the word out that it’s a fun game to git gud at, and nurse the competitive spirit back into the mainstream player-base.

    1. miu

      You say it like you joined this community last week. We’ve tried all of this already. People try, you can’t say they don’t, but you can’t bring alive a zombie game. Without updates this game won’t get any better doesn’t matter what its insiders try to do. We only make it even more zombie-like. No more. New players come but they don’t stay, there is nothing to make them stay. The game is old. It doesn’t look beautiful for 2017 players. They have strong computers and wanna see better looking games which they can easily handle. We like this game in the first place because of the community. We started liking it in the year when it wasn’t so ugly compared to others games.

      1. NoobGuy

        I did join this game last week, have you seen my demos???? :)
        also pastaland should mix the map-voting at the end of each round with game-modes too so by choosing 1 or 2 (or maybe more) the result isn’t another ictf match but may be base capture, flag hold, protect, maybe even teamplay.

  21. Ozma

    In my opinion, the most addictive feature of the game is the community aspect of it. This stops most experienced players from leaving this game.
    I would like if more fun is added to the game…sure the game is ‘dying’ but at least make it fun to the existing players. For example…we can promote unpopular modes like protect and hold and play it every so often in a mix game. Also FFA needs to be promoted. And stuff like that.
    My own personal effort in this regard was ask wolverine to set up a server with mod of insta rocket kinda like insta rifle but with rockets and you get the idea.

  22. Latté

    A lot of the problems mentioned in above comments would be solved if we all moved to an incompatible, independently driven community fork of Sauer, such as Inexor. The simple and most obvious reason why Sauerbraten is dying (as others have mentioned) is that no one is doing anything to keep it alive (aka developing/improving it). Fighting to keep Sauerbraten alive is a LOST GAME. Are we going to keep doing this forever?? In 10 years??
    We all need to make a decision about where we want to go and MOVE. By sticking with vanilla Sauerbraten, we’re only damaging the experiences of new players and turning them off.
    With a bit of effort we can publicize and distribute any mod as well as Sauerbraten itself. To me, this is the one and only way to keep the community alive.
    Thoughts anyone?

  23. va|DeathStar

    spoiled kids playing hyper realistic video games? LOL

    The Cube 2 engine is like 10+ years old. It hasn’t seen a new release since 2012.

    It’s a simple fact that since cube is written in about 60% C (released in the 1970s) it is a super old game.

    That still doesn’t take away from the amazing co-op editing and multitude of gamemodes. Also, the cube code was updated a month ago and code was added recently so possibly a new release is still coming.

    I think Tesseract is the future. It updates a lot of the missing things from the old cube 2 engine.

    If only more people would get into it hosting servers making mods and mapping with it.

    No more /calclight, better graphics, shadowmapping, better GUI’s and much more

  24. Darkbasic

    I used to be part of the FAN mapping clan and had close ties to early CM guys. I think their names were NEO and Chris… I guess you could say I’ve been around for awhile, I began playing in 2004… I jump on every now and again just to see whats up. I loved mapping with other people. I had my hhd crash and lost most of the maps I had created except one called Cave Labyrinth… I was working on a tutorial project that would help people learn the art of mapping. Anyway most people started making those race maps, and less and less people showed up…


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