RESULT: SauerDuels #17 – FFA 1v1

WARNING: May contain traces of opinion!

The 17th edition of SauerDuels has completed successfully. It saw 11 participants signing up with all best active FFA players showing up. There were two groups of 5 and 6 players and 2 players from each group would go directly to final stage.

The event was streamed by notas and swattllama. Sadly, swatllama didn’t save his recording. But you can find one from notas here.

Big props to both guys for playing and streaming their games!

As notas pointed out, this tourney was full of great FFA players: 6 champions (taking in account old tournaments as well) – Redon, Honzik1, notas, swatllama, degrave, Frosty.

Group A saw the current champion Redon (from sQ clan) placed with 2 legends and old-timers Honzik1 and degrave, both being part of RB clan. One of ex FFA champions, Frosty was also there alongside with BudSpencer and ZCrone.

Group B was lead by American FFA players: notas, swatllama, Lokio. With raffael and h8 being part of the group as well.


Group A

This group saw many close games. The Russian terminator degrave seemed rusty and finished 4th. Frosty didn’t manage to win Honzik1 or Redon and finished 3rd. Redon and Honzik1 emerged as 1st and 2nd placed from group A.

Group B

Just like in other group, we had a lot of tense games in this group as well. One of the first games was full of tension, with notas making a comeback against Lokio on hades and winning it 28:26. Then he was surprised by raffael on corruptionHowever, notas would go on and win all of this remaining games and finish the group as 1st. swatllama managed to win the nail-biter against Lokio on metl2 after an overtime. After that h8 almost made the biggest surprise and was leading against notas on metl3, but didn’t manage to maintain his lead till the end. He fought bravely for someone without a proper mouse! Disappointment of group was Lokio. Some of us hoped he could reach the finals and even win the tourney, maybe next time..

Final stage

In first semifinals Redon barely won against swatllama on corruption with score of 27:25. In other semifinals, once again, metl2 was played and we saw another close game between notas and Honzik1, with notas coming as winner – 36:34.

Fight for 3rd place saw an amazingly close game with Honzik1 emerging victorious against swatllama. 

In grand finals, two FFA titans played, current titleholder Redon and notas. Redon picked tumwalk and he managed to win it with score 35:25. Next map was picked by notas, and by no surprise the choice was nmp8. This time, notas managed to win, and he did it in last few seconds. Final score was 25:24. Third and final map was metl2and Redon won it 49:39. This is his 6th FFA title in row.

Big thanks to everyone for watching the games and of course, thanks to players for participating:

  • BudSpencer
  • degrave
  • Frosty
  • h8
  • Honzik1
  • Lokio
  • notas
  • raffael
  • Redon
  • swatllama
  • ZCrone


Final results:

  1. Redon
  2. notas
  3. Honzik1
  4. swatllama

Congrats the winners and thanks everyone for playing!

You can find the bracket here and check out the official SauerDuels page for more details!


Next tourney

Next tourney is insta, date is 22nd July. We are expecting to see a LOT of signups!

Click here to sign up for insta tourney.



  1. notas

    “Then he [notas] was surprised by raffael on corruption” – polite of you not to mention that you also completely forgot to bring the Vaseline for this one… that pain was so great that i passed out on my suicide key for the entire last minute of the game…. wp :D

    “As notas pointed out, this tourney was full of great FFA players: 6 champions (taking in account old tournaments as well) – Redon, Honzik1, notas, swatllama, degrave, Frosty.”

    Not just 6 champions, but 5 GRANDCHAMPIONS (3 titles in a row). Only Frosty did not manage that feat, successful though he has been. Really incredible roster, one for the ages.

    Now Redon effectively has two grandchampionships in a row. With PSL or SWL rules, he would be earning his second one month ban from competition for being too damn good. Unbelievable what he’s been able to do.

    Shoutouts to the non-contenders who had the balls to show up and give it their best anyway. You guys keep FFA growing!

  2. h8

    Thanks for nice words raffael,. The shit mouse did not make much difference, I only struggled with nade jumps a lot. I surprised myself by having a lead over notas, even if it was just for a minute or so. He seemed tilted or focus was not with him this tournament. Still managed to make it to the finals though :D

    Overall nice turn-out. Maybe in the next one we can have rotti and terminator too.


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