Regarding recent ddos attacks.

Hello everybody, I would like to take this opportunity to inform people about recent ddos attacks. Those attacks are aiming at active servers. Usually there is a specific “bad” server running up after the attacks. I understand people want to just play their favorite game and i am one of them. I would like to warn people to not connect to those servers. Players in general should connect only to servers they know and trust. First of all it is not good to connect to those “bad servers” because:

  • Attackers want people to connect to their servers which we do not want to support.
  • A more technical reason is by being connected to a “bad” server you expose your ip to the server. In theory this could be used to attack your connection which we have already seen.
  • Your collected IP’s can be abused for future attacks.

The ddos problem in this game is known. It comes and goes. What I would recommend is being patient. I encourage you people to not support bad servers. It’s better to try to connect to a different server which you trust. If for some reason you do not see Rigatoni Rugby inside server browser list then you can use a command to connect. Example: /connect . You could also use a server ip to connect /connect ip . Personally i prefer this way to connect to servers without even opening the server browser. You can also set binds for your favorite servers: /bind F2 [connect] (replace F2 with another key and the server with your favorite server!)

Finally don’t forget to connect into our discord server. You can stay tuned about sauer in general and what is going on. If you have any questions you can ask there.


  1. Anonemolous

    By “bad servers” he means servers that have insults in the description where someone with a nickname that starts with “Frag” and ends with “ucker” is admin.

  2. Bertolt_Brecht

    Not only that. In this game you can fake someone. i can use any name i want. By playing a lot this game you know which servers are the “trusted” ones.

  3. Bertolt_Brecht

    Yes it would be nice to have an update on this game. I love the mechanics of this game and i th in this is what it makes it unique but being ddosed is a different story. You can get attacked either being updated or not.

  4. Bertolt_Brecht

    Also i would like to mention here that some “bad server” have modified the player count. it seems that he is having a lot of players but in really it doesn’t. The purpose of this is to show the server on the top of the list and pretend to be active.


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