Recent Clan Activity February 2014

As of last week, greenadiss joined w00p!
“I feel honoured to be in w00p and give thanks to Art and Drakas for their invitation.”
(quote: greenadiss)

In other news, qlassic a.k.a. Zoocata is among the sp4nks now! (Source)
“Well, I felt like I was worth more than FD, by far. So I left FD, waited a bit for a new clan to show up and joined sp4nk. Great guys, even better players. I like it a lot so far, and have managed to keep sane with echo around.”
(quote: qlassic)

The impressive Squad, recently ranking 2nd in the SauerCom eCTF Cup, are joined by Gangler, formerly of DM! (Source)
Unfortunately, we couldn’t get ahold of him for a statement.

Quite a while ago (sleepy much, SauerCom?), Joran and Jorik joined rC and even won the Sauercom Cup together. (Source)
This sort of newcomer performance just demands an interview. (Tune in again tomorrow or the day after!)

On another note, sweeper left !s in order to apply for vaQ (“I wasnt really happy in !s”)
and TheLove left MyS and applied for !s (“=MyS= […] [has] sadly gone inactive then dead”)
Good luck to both of them!


  1. Anonymous

    After rereading this, it dawned on me I wasn&#39;t very clear as to the reason behind my retirement. Here&#39;s the full, thought out reason why:<br /><br />Sauerbraten had gotten to the point where the name Zoocata was a second me. I could be whoever I wanted on screen. I had no rules or requirements to live up to, and no family to disappoint. I loved it, however I could not be that same way in

    1. Anonymous

      the whole thing seems a bit farfetch&#39;d but i see where he is coming from. he did try to keep his new alias a secret for a while but of course that wouldnt work for very long. he actually told me that it was &quot;cool to see how people reacted when someone they&#39;ve never seen before started playing really well&quot; so i think it was just an temporary alias. i think he just didnt want to


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