RB, it’s your day

Today is not just another day of sauer life but a big day in sauer history. It’s RB’s birthday today! They are 9, yes yes NINE years old now! If they were a newborn child they could have finished elementary school already!

RB is one of the oldest clans in sauer which had its ups and downs. Yet there is nothing in the world that can stop them from staying alive! Not even deGrave’s baby.

Today, 9 years ago, Undertaker, deGrave, saper, YA_DURAK and max discussed about and finally brought birth to their new clan. They just wanted to gather all their compatriots in one place to have fun in game.

Before choosing “The Red Butchers” there were some really insane ideas floating around, like: Red Monkeys, DeadMoroz, RusTeam, Army of Peace, Total Butchery, Total Carnage, Hellish Cooks, MutterCutter, KGB, Soviet Uninion, GazMyas, Total Slaughter, Degenerators and, of course, Red Butchers.

Though RB was intended for russians, it was not a mandatory rule. So the clan started connecting people from around the world and became international.

On behalf of the whole sauer community we want to congratulate you for this important day and thank for being with us for this long time!


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