Race Duel Event + update on Rulechanges

The crew at sauer-racing.tk is starting their first community event. The Race Duel will be played on 10 different racemaps, 5 of wich were made exclusively for this event. Everyone races the maps at the same time and has as many tries as he wants within the 10 minute timelimit. In the end, all your fastest times will be added and the winner is the one with the lowest sum of racetimes. Simple as that! See below.

If you would like to compete make sure you are registerd beforehand on sauer-racing.tk, got your authkeys all setup and then register seperately for the event here.
The maps are released 2 weeks 7 days before the event so you have enough time to train them.

The next event will be held at the 18th of June @ 8 PM CEST

Sauerworld wishes all participants and the sauer-racing crew the best of luck!

When: 18th of June.
Rules: https://forum.sauer-racing.tk/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=337
Registration and mappack (only available if logged in): https://sauer-racing.tk/timetrial.php

Website: sauer-racing.tk
IRC: #racing-xtreme @ GameSurge

Stay tuned for possible rule changes.

And here we go:

#1 – Training period has been reduced to
#2 –
The sauer-racing crew would like to encourage all participants to give some feedback after the event.
#3 – The rules are going to be simplified: times will be displayed as an information but what will count are the places from the first to the third with a point system. All points will be added and the one having the most points will be the winner.

#4 – Only 5 maps will be released beforehand, the remaining 5 will be made public when the event starts.



  1. Jawer

    I am absolutely and completely against the 7 days early release and training times for the new maps, as this is exactly what the 5 new maps should be for. A racer will have to find orientation faste than his opponents. finding shortcuts and possible bugs is not what an actual racer’s skill field should be qorrying about. I highly recommend you to listen to me in that point and leave the 5 known maps the only 5 where people have possible experience advantage. Please.

    1. swatllama

      That’s a sensible curveball. It lets people demonstrate how good they are on certain maps, and how good their inherent racing skill is.

    2. Boognish

      The maps that will be “released” are the maps that are already publicly available. There will still be 5 never before seen maps that racers will have to do.

      So basically, you get a week to practice on 5 maps that are already out.

      1. Terence

        I was thinking doing the contrary but just realized that’s not how it should be, facing a new map is perfect for this type of race challenge (you need to quickly figure out of to beat the race in order to be the first one reaching the podium).I totally agree with you Jawer, I’m going to only publish the 5 randomly chosen map names from the regular rotation and keep the other one secret until the event day. Thanks for your comment.

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