QuakeCon 2014

QuakeCon 2014 takes place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas from the 17th to the 20th of July 2014. Three Quakelive tournaments are hosted during the event: Intel® QUAKE LIVE Duel Masters Invitational Championship, PCPartPicker QUAKE LIVE® Capture the Flag Open and Seasonic® QUAKE LIVE® Duel Open.

FACEIT will stream the best games live on Twitch with Daniel “ddk” Kapadia and Xavier “Zoot” Dhorne as your hosts, who will be joined by several on-site guests over the duration of the event.

More info: esreality.com


    1. SauerCom

      You&#39;re maybe wondering &quot;what does a quake lan tournament have to do with sauer?&quot;.<br />- a big deal of Sauerbraten&#39;s gameplay is based on Quake<br />- it&#39;s a nice demonstration of competitive fast-paced fps, in terms of player skill and gameplay mechanics<br />- a lot of our playerbase also plays QuakeLive

    2. Anonymous

      a Long time its very silent about sauer and suddently information about Quakecom. Excuses Excuses Excuses. <br /><br />

    3. Vanquish

      with all due respect, what&#39;s actually happened in sauer recently? it could just be me being out of touch because i haven&#39;t played for a weeks, but I don&#39;t see the problem with sauercom providing coverage of games that are related to sauerbraten and have an active and constantly evolving playerbase<br /><br />/$0.02

  1. Vanquish

    Tox only lost to DaHanG so badly because of his jetlag, it was 3 or 4am in Sweden (his usual timezone) when they played. Tox is too modest to admit it’s the reason he lost but he even said in the interview he was getting tired due to the long break and didn’t feel as sharp as earlier.
    Unless evil pulls the plug out of his butt and starts showing us the form he had in the Faceit cups


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