Q&A #27- Discord or Mumble + Irc, what do you prefer?

As you remember we reported on a program named “Discord”, a cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. You had some time to test this new program and now we want to hear your experiences. So we asked several players: If you compare Discord to Irc and Mumble/Teamspeak, what does feel better in game? Let us know all advantages but also disadvantages you noticed!

Check out their answers below!


I am using Discord for 3-4 months now, i am in 6 – 8 community servers, and quite active.

Advantages compare to TS3,Mumble,IRC :

  • The Chat function: It’s great for typing, the posibilites to @Mention people is great to notify people if they’re busy and the posibility to sort everything out with premissions, compare to Teamspeak³,IRC and mumble
  • It’s free, that makes alot things easier to manage the commuinity/clan
  • The mobile-app, I know Mumble and TS3 has the same (You need to pay if you’re on IOS for TS3 Mobile)
    The mobile app is great, you can do almost everything like on PC except managing the server premissions.
  •  It’s still in Beta, that means it will change alot in the future, compare to the other voice communication clients.
  • You can access to discord even with your browser
  •  It has a game detection feature like in Steam so everyone will know which game you’re playing currently.

Disadvantages compare to TS3,Mumbe,IRC :

  • the worst one and only one (For me) is the voice quallity, like it’s not clear like in Teamspeak 3 (opus voice,music)
    that doesn’t bother most of the people but still it’s a disadvantage

Thats all right now

I have used the web app twice, and it seems fancy
I guess i’d get more into it if my clan used it more, but until now we were doing great with IRC and TS/Mumble
I am not sure if i can use Discord that well in the future, since i  cant download the download-thingy…It’s not vista compatible!

I can just repeat what I mentioned under a post on Sauerworld, I haven’t made too much experience with discord yet but I support the idea of it being used instead of 2 seperate programmes but only if it is possible to delete the old replaced programmes. I don’t think this is doable, at least in near future, speaking about at least 1 year.

I’d like to see it be used universally by the community cause reading both chats is a bit confusing at this point, the voice chat is way easier to configure and it’s nice to have the voice channels all in one place. IRC will be hard to replace but I think Discord has the same functionality without the pain of netsplits, ChanServ, and third-party software for bouncers. The interface is a bit different than what I’m used to but I think we can all adapt to it.


Discord is ( for me) a mix of skype, mumble/ts and irc. I like the persistent slack-like chat feature that ts/mumble does not have. I’m using this app since may 2015, because a lot of wow (world of warcraft) players were on discord or on Curse voice because you could use both without installing a program on your computer and running it on a web browser.  Discord is really easy to use, modern, and the servers are not US based, they have differents locations ( london, singapore,..). Discord protect your privacy ( your ip is not display even for admin) and secure (it uses https). Pros: It’s free, your ip is hidden, persistent chat, mobile app, a modern overlay/text chat. Cons: Voice quality, restricted permissions  compared to ts, No battle.net support (: ,I’m not admin on Sauerworld’s discord ):
Sincelery, your pokeflute


What I dislike is that on the public sauerworld server private text-channels are not possible since admins or at least the server owner can enter any channel. So I would have to run an own server for my clan. But we have the same situation with mumble/TS3 servers now too and it is much easier to run your own Discord server than running your own mumble/TS3. Also if I run my own server I have access control in one place for both voice- and text-channels.

The voice quality in Discord is the same as in mumble/TS3. All of these programs use the Opus codec and you can change the bitrate. However even if it is very easy to use the voice-chat feature of Discord I ran into some situations where not everyone could hear each other so someone had to reload the webpage to make it work (this did not happen with the native applications).

What I really enjoy is that I can use Discord on multiple machines or operating systems without messing up my logs. With IRC I get a message on one device but then don’t have it on a second one when this is not turned on at the same time without complicated workarounds. Additionally I do not need 3 accounts anymore and care that all 3 (IRC, mumble, bouncer) are up and running.

Being able to see if others are actually there or just idle is also a plus since in IRC only a few people make use of the away feature and I end up highlighting everyone just to wait and wait and get no answer.
So for me personally it can replace IRC + mumble already and gives me even some additional features I miss in those old programs.

Now, we want to hear your experiences! What do you prefer?


  1. Rexus

    After using it for a grand total of 20 minutes this thing looks amazing! I can already see that having your normal chat and voice chat so close to each other gives potential to making sauer a much more social game where it’s far easier to talk to anyone, even more so with friends lists, seeing who’s online and knowing who’s playing what.

    Fuck IRC, fuck mumble, let’s all use this.

    1. DAI

      I was totally the same opinion when obst first introduced me to the discord, thank you obst :D

      Damn, I mean that really makes sauerbraten communication lot easier, plus newbie players don’t have to wait 20 hrs for respond on irc because now we have discord. If everyone would move there, that would be the best thing happen to sauer in a past 1-2 years.

    1. Obstriegel

      Oh wow there are a lot of people there… I like this #announcements channel. I have seen this on other servers too. If sauerworld had this for cubot/robottie one could see links and requests for mixes/duels in one place instead of 10 different channels.

  2. Fuzzy

    Discord is far superior IMO. they do wonderful things with text chat, as well as VOIP. super easy to use, and a beautiful interface.


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