Q&A #22 – What Keeps You Playing Sauer?

Cube 2: Sauerbraten has many dedicated players who, after all things the game throws at them, still continue to play. For this Q&A, we wanted to know what it is that still attracts them to the game. Read their responses below, and don’t forget to leave your own reasons in the comments!


What keeps you playing Sauer?

<Nooby> Well, the first thing is obvious: It’s fun. Even after years it’s still fun and doesn’t get boring. It’s just annoying that insta and especially insta ctf is dominating so extremely and that an auto download of custom maps in non-coop-modes is missing. These two points are heavily limiting the possibilities and diversity the game could have.
Also at least the code is Open Source (the content isn’t with minor exceptions). I’m not a hardcore Open Source man and also play a few closed source games, however I wouldn’t invest so much time into the game, when it wouldn’t be Open Source. Last but not least, I’m involved in the Inexor project.

<greenadiss> It’s a small group of people in IRC and also my clan. The rest is just one big disappointment. There are people who try hard to keep sauer players active and there are people who ruin it.

<Venera> I think that the people I’ve met in the game keep me playing Sauer. There’s almost always someone I know that’s playing the game on some server. The community is also fairly dynamic and interesting and something is always going on whether it’s a public game, general discussion, or some form of private game. I also like that there are people who stick with this game because they enjoy it despite the “perpetually” dying community.

<Buck> First off, I’ll just provide a brief background of how it all started for me. I have been playing sauer for about 4 years now, starting in 2011 and was first introduced to the game by some friends at school. Everyone played it, so I played it with my friends, and was one of those Venice noobs and only really visited that server. After school year, however, I had no computer so I didn’t really play during the summer. Once School came back, we would just start playing again, not for stats, mixes, but fun. Then after my school banned the game from our laptops, I got my own laptop because i had made so many friends on sauer. In a quick a short answer, I keep playing sauer because the community is so supportive and organized, great people play the game (and of course some trolls and jerks), and its a game where you can just pop in, play a quick 10 minute game, and leave after if you have a busy day or something. You can also type whatever the fuck you want, and also the game is so customizable with so many clients for the user to choose from. Although i am not really one of the old time players (never played in trooper edition), I still feel i am one who has played this game longer than the “average” player. Another big reason why I stay active is the clan aspect of the community. Every who is in clans I think are more likely to play more often and longer in general. Also, the game Sauerbraten is relatively easy and exciting in general, a fast-paced fps game that can be very simple at times, and incredibly complex in another moment. Overall, the game has enough pleasures for entertainment and relieving stress after rough or raining day that I will keep playing until the game officially dies, which I hope won’t be for a long while.

<Bourbon> There are several reasons why I continue to play Sauerbraten. First, I landed in the perfect clan for me. Secondly, it is so much fun during / after work to play some games with your clan members or other proper players to play. Third is the overall gameplay; it’s not too complicated and for beginners like me it’s easy to learn quickly and build on it. Don’t take the fun (certain people whose names I must not name) and lets frag.


  1. suicizer

    I’ve seen Sauerbraten growing since 2008 and despite the fact that there has been changed a lot within the way of playing Sauerbraten (as insta-team venice, racing and instactf have the upper hand now), it still is fun to play a game now or then.
    Next to that it’s always open for improvements, like new maps, skyboxes, (player)models, but also features like being able to see your teammates on the minimap (something which only could be dreamed of back in assassin-edition).
    It may look dying due a smaller community then several years ago; but that doesn’t spoil the fun.

  2. rabe

    dunno, maybe something like the “anti-ness”, the “against-the-grain”-stuff i feel sometimes. (if you consider editing = playing). the “oldschool” stuff.


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