Q&A #23 – “A Viewpoint on Mixes”

With swatllama’s heavily controversial editorial, we decided to ask people “Do you ever take mix games serious? Do you actually try to do your best?”Lets see what people had to say:

Lexar: “Depends. If the opposition is made up of good skilled players then yes I will play competitively. I don’t really play pubs anymore so if i’m online it’s for a mix a clan war or for duels. I don’t tend to be online all day, so when I am I like to play competitive games. On the flip side if I’m in a mix game with weaker players I will maybe play more for the show reel and less focused than I would at a higher standard. No one likes to lose 10-0 though ;)”

Blushie: “I try my hardest, I think of mixes as a practice ground. The only difference for me between mixes & clan-wars is if I lose I don’t beat myself up over it. I am always trying to improve and mixes are a good way to practice certain weapons you’re less skilled at, learning new maps & creating a fun and enjoyable community where the main objective is getting better together.”

Deluxe: “Yes, i think that they are great and you can exercise your skill and team play well, even though I sometimes get too demotivated by mates letting me down. So I have to admit that I don’t take every mixed game too serious, but a mixed game as any other are most fun for everybody if it’s a honest competition. Of course you don’t have the possibilities to do teamwork as in a clan war, but still if you try to play with your team rather than for yourself I think it’s best.”

starch: “Despite the lack of communication in a mix, I still try to win every game and treat it as if it were a clan war. I try to support my teammates as best as I can, so I’m not usually going for flags or kills, i’m just filling the empty spot. However, sometimes if the teams are a little unbalanced in my team’s favor, I’ll just go for frags if it’s a guaranteed win for us. If it’s the other way around I’ll usually just try to go for flags as much as possible. So yes I take mixes seriously, it’s no fun to run around like a zombie.”

ySoSrs:  “Yes I do, it depends who I’m playing with, but generally, when I’m playing mixes, I’m doing my best. In most mixes you see a lot of players who are known in the community and who also play mixes a lot, such games are usually as competitive as cw’s (at least I think so). There’s a decent amount of tactics and team play and in such games, I feel that everyone is doing his best to win. Occasionally there’s new players (less good, not to say noobs) joining the game, and as long as there’s balance in the game and enough of a challenge for the better players, it still leads to good games. Very seldom though, you wind up in these games where most of the people playing are unknowns and often not that good. It gets hard to play a decent game because there are no tactics and no team play, making it a small public game rather than a mixed “clan war” game. These games I don’t find that interesting and hence I won’t be playing properly probably, but in the average mixed game, I play with the same mind set as in a clan war.”

Fear: “Well everyone knows, that I take every single game serious… doesn’t matter if its a mix or a clan war. I always try to do my best, therefore I also rage whenever I lose a game. Just in case the enemy team lags like shit, I don’t even try to give my best, because I can’t hit the lagging cunts anyway. For usual that behavior let my team be in rage. So in the end, either i’m in rage or my teammates are in rage.”

Do you disagree with them? Agree with them? Feel free to post your opinion of “Viewpoint of Mixes” in the comments below!


  1. Lokio

    I absolutely do not take ectf mix games seriously, most of the time I couldn’t tell you who won or lost. I’m going to be honest in saying I pretty much play exclusively for frags in ectf mix games and find ectf mind-numbing relative to most other modes in sauer. I’ve tried to make it fun by playing seriously & goofing around and everything in between, but that doesn’t change the fact that 90% of the time I’d rather be dueling or playing some non-ectf mode instead. Unfortunately it seems it’s the only thing people want to play in mixes since ictf has fallen out of fashion and no one wants to put in the time to learn how to play capture / classic ctf / teamplay / .

    imo effic is only fun when the focus is on fragging (sorry ehold, I don’t like you either)

    1. Lokio

      after teamplay it was supposed to say “insert other fun mode here” but it got eaten, my bad =)

  2. Agalloch

    I never play mix serious, and i also play just for frags, flags but i dont check scores. There was time we played on mumble and tried to win and we really won so you maybe can practise there but MIX games are killing sauer, killing clanwars but also killing boredom.

    I am bored as fuck to play mix and forge,reissen,dust2,abbey,twinforts,forgotten all the time. I dont like sauer anymore. Mix can kill boredom, but lets go deep into our minds and try to remember the names of players they played mix veyr often but they are lost now.

    Count me there.

  3. suicizer

    Mix or clan doesn’t matter to me; the effort would be the same.
    However, the result would be different as clans are better working as a team.

  4. Rexus

    Anyone who fails to take a mix game seriously is not playing the game to improve themselves but rather just to mess around when they’re bored (There is nothing wrong with this, but don’t complain about lack of competition if you’re not giving any). If the only opportunity to get better is through other means such as duels and cw’s you’re missing on a lot of opportunities to improve. Mixes are killing competition, yes, but this is because many of our players can’t be fucked to take them seriously. Blame the players who lack effort and have the guts to say there’s no competition. Not the players choices of map and mode.

  5. Terminator

    I´ve improved a lot due to mixes, so I really like to play them.
    Of course, my effort is not the same if there are not skilled players. I take mixes as an opportunity to practice, therefore, to get better (in spite of that “lack” of competition) . I´ve found out new tactics and played new maps in mixes.
    Summing up, I think that playing that kind of games is a great way to have a whale of a time as the same time you train.

  6. neon

    I play mixes only for dmg and frags (from time to time I score a flag but only if it lays like 2 feets away from our), sometimes I grab a flag but I don’t try to bring it as fast as possible back, I try to get some more pressure of victims by taking the flag therefore they will all attack me and I can get some more frags, if I should kill all then I will score ofc, but no I don’t feel any pressure at any time in a mix (only if I play with other strong players and it’s coming to a famous “who gets more dmg”-contest

  7. vzzec

    Mixes reduce the general level of gameplay. Yes believe me or some kitten gets burned. No, in fact it should be obvious. When i was an active player there was no communication despite the really basic stuff like left, right etc…no advanced tactics despite kill stuff and escape with the flag, no real practice at all. There was no difference between mix games and clanwars because nobody ever played this game serious. I honestly dont get why people claim here that they improved by playing mixes, because you dont really improve by playing them. The gameplay is way to random, you cant outstrat the enemy team because they dont play tactical or predictable at all, in fact the only things that may improve are aim/movement, but you can increase both by playing duels as well.With this said, i can tell that the majority of the player (yes even the best) are incomplete and only excel at fragging. There were actually a few guys who really thought about advanced gameplay like shinnok (respet this guy, he is an idiot, who cares, his gameplay and tactics where next level) same goes for qur and the core of the old JG lineup. OK endless monolog as usual…What i am trying to say here is that neither mixes or clanwars in this game are even close to playing professional or on a high level, and as long as people play mixes instead of sticking thogether as a team and work on their stuff. conclusion: take cws serious, try to be the best team by playing smart, rather than fragging like a manic, forget about mixes

    1. Rexus

      This probably applies to everyone but for simplicity I’ll just use myself as an example. I’ve definitely learned how to track (using the mini-map) and trap an enemy flag-runner through playing mixed games. I’ve learned the best flag running routes and clever flag running manoeuvres on multiple maps through mixed games. I’ve learned how to position myself when outnumbered in multiple maps. I’ve learned where the best spots are to gain extra damage such as grenade damage and sneaky rifles through mixes. I’ve learned how to sneak past an enemy when going for the flag due to mixes. I’ve learned where and when to support an ally whether they’re carrying the flag or not. I also know when I should abandon my allies for the sake of our flag. I could go on but I’ve hopefully made my point. To say we learn nothing but aim and movement is to fail to realise a mixed games’ potential. And no these don’t apply just to forge/reissen/dust2. I’ve gained a natural intuition on how to spot strong and weak positions on the map through simply playing mixed games over and over again. They DO help and to fail to realise this is ignorance or just simple minded thinking. We’re not like quake pro gamers but we’re still pretty damn good and to say we don’t know anything or don’t learn anything through mixes is completely wrong. Like I said, this probably applies to everyone, not just myself.

      I’m not saying mixed games is the end-all and be-all of sauer. There’s a lot you can’t improve on through mixed games such as voice communication and mindset but it’s most definitely not a waste of anyone’s time granted they take it seriously and want to improve.

      1. star


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