Q&A #1 – Your eCTF Dream Team

Over the course of the past couple of weeks we have been working on several different concepts who all share the same goal – to provide more casually interesting content more regularly.

This is the first edition of our new weekly Question & Answer series in which we will randomly ask 5 people 1 question. This week’s question was:

If you could choose from all players in the history of sauer, who would play in your eCTF 3v3 dream team?

Frosty: “notas – Acuerta – degrave.. Frags, flags, and brains ”

Jawer: “KaZ – Acuerta – me :D”

degrave:  “ectf is mode for noobs, real mans play ctf, also i am not sure about players with who i would like to play 3v3, maybe 3 clones of self :]”

Deluxe: “Acuerta – notas – potato”

Star: “KaZ – Acuerta – brownie. vaQ’oldSchool”

If you have a question that you have always wanted to ask some of your fellow Sauer players then simply drop a comment!

See you again next tuesday!


    1. star

      thought about this too, tbh but i didn’t want to be all asshole and name myself, like some other vaQ’degraves did

      1. Jumper

        Nice question. I think my dream team on a 3v3 cw or mix would be: TheLove – Jawer – Jumper.

        Question – TheLove & Jawer, what would be yours? :)



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