NSFL #2 – iCTF 3v3 9/15

Hi everybody, it’s time for something a little different and a little more oldschool. I’m going to host iCTF September 15th at 6 CEST. In case people forgot, ‘iCTF’ stands for ‘instagib capture the flag.’ In this mode you have only rifle and chainsaw and you die to one hit. I know a lot of people have probably forgotten this concept but it should be easy to remember!

Map pool: forge, reissen, capture_night, authentic, l_ctf, haste, and a 7th map that is currently being decided on in the SauerDuels discord

  • AllvAll urban_c to decide seeding – w00p and !s getting 1 and 2 seed from their last tourney results.
  • Double elimination. Winner Bracket bo3, Loser Bracket bo1
  • Grand Final: either 2x (if necessary) Bo3, or Bo5 w/ 1 map advantage to WB winner. I’ll make up my mind later ;-)

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