Friteq’s ‘No Fucks Given’ – Interview with Partizan

[Editor’s note: Rumour has it that the following interview was assembled solely from Partizan’s chat lines during an RB clanwar.]

Partizan, 16 years old player from Serbia, playing Sauerbraten since 2009. His favorite mode is effic and sex. If you have to face green wall of letters while playing the game, surely it is him.

<Friteq> How did you discover Sauerbraten and why did you fall in love with this game?

<Partizan> Well, I found it in 2009, my friend showed me game and I was like, “let’s try it’… I was inactive for 3 years, and then I started again in 2012, I was playing for fun in that time, I had shit comp, fps almost 30 on any map, and when I just bought new one in 2013-2014, in 1 day I became really good, many called me a cheater, but it was just pro equipment… Everyday I was getting better and better, and now I’m in sauer 24/7.

<Friteq> As you said, you are 24/7 in Sauer, so can I call you a fucking Sauer addict?:D

<Partizan> Yea :D

<Friteq> This addiction do not affect your life,I mean you don’t want to nade some guys at school sometimes?:)

<Partizan> No, but im jumping like retard… :D

<Friteq> Is it possible to heal up?:D

<Partizan> Haha yea :D

<Friteq> As far as I know you were in TxC, but clan was being renamed shit tons of times,why? You wanted to be more orginal or?

<Partizan> Well, I started in 2009 with [>SRB<] and then it was changed to A2K|, then |>BM<| and for last time, TxC|. My members did not like the tags and they wanted to change it many times… So I was doing that, but clan was always same…Hmm SRB died actually in 2009 and then it was opened again in 2012.

<Friteq> You said you improoved much and now you are good player,how would you describe your gameplay?Do you think its unusual?

<Partizan> Well, I don’t know if someone has same gamestyle like me, but in mix I care about stats, which is diffrent in cw, where I dont care about stats. When I play mix, my point is to kill people and care about our flagcarrier and kill enemy flagcarrier…A lot of players think I’m retarded beacuse of that, but I actually want to improve for cw, there are always  situations where you have to kill everyone to bring  flag back… As I said, in cw I play for team.

<Friteq> How would you rate your teamwork from 1 to 10?

<Partizan> In cw, my teamwork is like 8-9.

<Friteq> So we can call you teamplayer, but what do you think need to be improved in your gameplay?

<Partizan> Well, my brain actually, I have reaally good aim, but I’m not focused, and thats why I rage in duels or mixes.

<Friteq> Yeah as you said, you rage so fucking much beacuse of that, you expect a lot from yourself, but how about your mates? Do you often scream on Honzik? :D

<Partizan> No, they scream on me…

<Friteq> You feel sad about that?

<Partizan>No, I rage but I know how good I can do, but my focus leaves me…

<Partizan> I know he rages too, and that he is not really mad on me, same about degrave :p

<Friteq> You are one of most recognised players in Sauer comunnity, due to your abillity to write and play in same time,can you tell us how can you merge that? :D

<Partizan> I just write so fucking fast. And my hand movements are fast, but my focus is slow.

<Friteq> That means you must be very fast masturbator too..

<Partizan> Yea, but takes much time to cum :D

<Friteq> But this spam in games, it is your secret tactic to annoy enemys in game and unfocus them?

<Partizan> No, its just my rage it is not any secret. And I don’t hide with that.

<Friteq> Serbian berserk, you rage in real life too like that?

<Partizan> No, when I am focused, I can do really good games, like this one:

<Partizan> Wait till I find….*waiting time yolo*


<Partizan> There are much more such games...But when I need focus, like in cw, it’s not with me.

<Friteq> Amazing…

<Partizan> I have  game where I had 53 kills, ectf cap night, and Honzik had 51.

<Partizan> Also 40+acc,so..

<Friteq> I think except  good skills, you also have really good memory.

<Friteq> You joined |RB|, how do you like your new clan?And why did you do that?

<Partizan> I joined RB because I know them for a long time, and they are my slavenian friends<3 . It is good clan for me I think. To improve my insta skill with them, duelling with Honzik and degrave…

<Friteq> I see, you are Serbian and degrave is Russian, both countries used to be close to each other in past, is there any kind of bromance between you guys?

<Partizan> Well with Honzik I was friend in past, with Degrave I was talking but not much, I just liked him, but now we’re friends.

<Friteq> You live in Serbia, so Jumper does, have you ever visit him?:D

<Partizan> No,I don’t even want…


<Partizan> You should know…

<Friteq> I am sure you do other things than raping people in Sauer, what can you tell me about your non-sauer activities,hobbies?

<Partizan> Well, today my judo trainings starts..:P

<Friteq> Cool, do you train also kung fu panda?

<Partizan> No, I just eat them.

<Friteq> Judo helps you with getting ladies?

<Partizan> Not so much.

<Partizan> But I’m friends with a lot of them.

<Friteq> How to get a lady in Serbia?

<Partizan> Show her a dick, if it’s 17cms or more, you got her. Well it’s same as in another countries.

<Friteq> So I guess I know why you don’t get laid  :DDD

<Partizan> I said, I’m friend with a lot of them. So it means it’s like 20 ^^

<Friteq> Proof.

<Partizan> Wait for pic .*Waiting till now*

<Friteq> I am just asking about getting ladies beacuse I know Fearer is shy guy and he wanted me to ask you how to get a gal..

<Friteq> Could you give him some advice?

<Partizan> Hahaha lolol.

<Partizan> Just look in to her eyes, if she looks at you for like 5 secs non stop, she wants you, if its 5secs+ then u can get sex, izi.  It works, I proved that.

<Friteq> Serbian sexual predator!

*Meanwhile on IRC* * Jumper ([email protected]) has joined * ChanServ gives voice to Jumper

<Partizan> Dumber just joined irc ffs.

<Friteq> So,brunette or blondies?

<Partizan> Brunette :D

<Friteq> My blood.

<Friteq> So would you like to tell us something more? Maybe tips for newbies?

<Partizan> Never give up.

<Friteq> I mean for Sauer,not getting ladies.

<Friteq> Oh it works too I guess.

<Partizan> It’s same, never give up :D

<Friteq> So, thanks for your time Parti.

<Partizan> Np, ty too :D

<Friteq> Was enjoyable to interview you.

<Partizan> I know.

<Partizan> It’s not enjoyable when i rage. :D

Conclusion: NO FUCKS GIVEN


  1. Agalloch

    Friteq you sucks with questions. In intern youc an do much better. I quess the morons from sauercom didnt let you!

    Anyway, Partizan, pls kill Jumper.

    My question for Partizan. Why dont you play Insta / efficiency tournament duels?

      1. Agalloch

        seriously. NOT..i am just kidding. I already said him it was nice work lol :D

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