New CTF map: Fusion



Message from shuzo:

After 2 weeks of intense editing, I am proud to present you Fusion, a new ctf map.

The idea originates from a collaboration between one of the best fraggers, Gangler, and an editor, myself. The gameplay knowledge combined with artistic vision could only result in a nice and playable map.

Based on a layout drawing Gangler made, I started building on the 30th of August. In the meantime our friend Redon joined us. I can’t thank him enough for his help as the map would just be another unfinished project without him. Thanks to Nieb for helping out with detailing and lighting too, and thanks to all the players who came and gave feedback when we were building.

I see you all coming with the “its huuuge” comments, but trust me, it’s not as huge as it seems. The layout was originally strongly inspired by the best ctf maps in sauer: reissen and forge, although it has changed quite a lot over time.

Fusion is a symmetrical diagonal map over 3 floors. It works very well in insta/effic ctf 3v3 and 4v4. It allows a lot of rocket/grenade jumps for a good flow and map control.

Waypoints still need to be added.


Screenshot gallery:

Map download:

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  1. Shuzomi

    Hey pix, thank you for your feedback. I will fix that soon. Conserning the corner clips, which seem a bit buggy, we tried everything but its just sauer being glitchy so I don’t think there is a solution to that.
    Maybe we can meet over the next days and think of something?


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