Moving platfroms – now in multiplayer.

As you may know, it’s very hard to create dynamic objects in sauerbraten. And even if it’s done it’s cost you  lightmaps losing or time that you should spent on server as a hoster. But now everything has changed. Terence ( founder) after spending hours and hours of work was presents to us a new epic possibility to use models as a moving platforms but now in multiplayer with server-side realisation. The idea come to the Terence after his experements with moving stuff from singleplayer mode. After looking at the code he was managed to write a set of functions that can either spawn entities or change their attributes and thereby he able to spawn and modify anything covered by the /newent command.

To make things move, it’s spawn stuff first and then send messages to clients that modify their coordinates. The most remarkable thing in this mod is that mod work isn’t coop exclusively but on every game mode available (which is most intereresting to sauerworld readers). The downside is that you need to have a stable connection as any ping jumps will not make the movement smooth at all. All reqaured functions for movement available in cubescript so it’s possible to write a cfg for each map that gets loaded with it. This allows an easier way to create dynamic maps as well as sharing them. You just grab the cfg and the ogz files and the server will do all the rest. As you can see from video there still a lot of work and bugs fixing but the implementation is quite indicative.

If you want help with future develompent join ISMC and Racing Xtreme discord servers and ask Terence.  Maybe in future it’s will be possible to do in other game modes not only in a race, who knows ?


  1. Obstriegel

    Yes and you see the buttons there? Those buttons would make it possible to implement jailbreak! I want this so badly for sauer for a long time. Teams (re)spawn in jails, and defend release button(s) to free their killed teammates. Once all players of one team are in the other teams jail the team who survided wins and the people in jail are killed in a rain of rocketes or deadly carrots whatever.

  2. va|DeathStar

    This is revolutionary. Not kidding.

    I also saw some experimentation with sending gui scripts to clients over multiplayers, that is amazing too.
    I think making a RPG styled multiplayer for multiple clients with GUI’s, custom maps, moving platforms, etc would be very entertaining. There are so many possibilities that can come from it. We will be in contact Terrence ^.^


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