Moments of Glory – The Year Review + Voting

About the video:

It’s already been how much since we’ve released the first Moments of Glory video? 1 year? Yea, sounds about right! Time for a review!

I tried to come up with a new style that works with /texreduce, mostly because I have a crappy machine and texreduce makes a big difference when it comes to compression.

Regarding the scenes I chose: 1) Some of the demos got lost, so sorry for not featuring some of you. 2) Some may feel misrepresented. Again, sorry, I just took the submissions that I personally thought were your best!

What was your favourite scene in 2014? Select up to 3!

  • Fear's save on forge (15%)
  • brownie's spree + outro rockets (11%)
  • TheLove's rooftop troll on dust2 (8%)
  • Star's artistic riflesave (8%)
  • Acuerta's pentakill (7%)
  • swatllama's redemption run (7%)
  • BaBoo's dust2 rampage (6%)
  • Agalloch's psychic rocket (5%)
  • Walkr's run on damnation (5%)
  • hades' pixelrifle (5%)
  • Jumper's reissen run (3%)
  • notas' reissen action (3%)
  • Zoocata's rooftop rifle (2%)
  • sparta's riflesave on dust2 (2%)
  • Papst's rifle from the depth of reissen (2%)
  • Nighty's texas chainsaw massacre (2%)
  • Joran's rooftop save (2%)
  • Rosine's pixelrifle (1%)
  • Hutch's rifle from the depth of reissen (1%)
  • Frozenrain's rifle rampage (1%)
  • wtf's score prevention (1%)
  • echo-echo's rampage (1%)
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  1. Quality

    nice video :D many reissen scenes. I liked all the lastsecond-suicide-flagsaves there

    Did you use a special shader? e.g. dust 2 and ot look so white.

    1. Acuerta

      I applied a variety of filters across all sauer textures.

      – colour depth 1bit
      – reduced contrast & saturation
      – upped gamma and lightness

      1. Jumper

        I also like the idea and I don’t like the video. Two questions: What happend to graphics and what happend to video effects…..

  2. Vanquish

    honestly I thought the video settings looked okay, and the editing was pretty nice too. the only thing that I thought sucked was the music, which in my opinion is actually painful to listen to for longer than 20 secs.

    however the thing that’s probably most worth commenting on is how hard it is for me to pick only 3 moments out of all of them, a lot of the submissions were pretty great and it was incredibly tough to choose, which i guess is a testament to the amount of next level shit that people pull off in sauer now :>

  3. swatllama

    I liked the video! I wouldn’t like the graphics used in other v ideos, but since this is a little compilation of clips from all throughout, and it’s snowy and wintery and christmassy in llamaville, I thought it was really fitting, even though I bet Acuerta didn’t even have that in mind. :D Ot looked especially cool at the end, even if was all just different shades of gray.
    I liked the music… I might be alone in this.

    Not sure if it was Stars’ best clip, but he had a lot of really good ones.

    Oh and 60fps is rocking! I’d never noticed it on any of the other videos without these weird things you did to the graphics.

  4. Joran

    in my opinion, the best video so far: good music choice and cool settings, which made the video even better – but just for once, as swatllama said.

    keep up the good work!


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