Moments of Glory #14

Note: Because of the record-setting number of submissions for this MoG, many demos were sent through to the next episode. If you do not see a demo that you submitted, note that it will be posted into the next thread for inclusion.

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  1. greenadiss

    Nice video, Fatality! Thank you for it :P
    And thanks to all the participants who submited their demos!

    Morty got my vote, I couldnt resist that flag pass :P Sorry aga <3

  2. Agalloch

    What a great new to see this video.
    Np Greena :)
    Well my shot is from. rC clan so it’s a bit older. I am noVI already about 1 year?

  3. Tristam K

    Lol, Fatality is alive! : D
    Okay, nice video, will post it on the weekends in VK. But i have bunch of suggestions about it for you.
    1) Nicknames. Probable you somehow increased their size and right now it attract to much attention, viewers focus on them to much.
    2) Fonts. Em, i think you use default fonts. You can find in the internet font with public domain license which will be much better here.
    3) Effects. If colored shots is OK, probably, then here to much blood decals everywhere.
    4) To much info on the screen. As i viewer i want to see gameplay with focusing on the moment. But right now there to much info on the screen which isn’t reallly necessary. Chat, console output, timer, spectator name, fps counter ect. I pretty sure that altest 60% of this can be disabled. Probably only health\armour\ammo info is really useful here
    5) Visualisation + music combo. I think you can combinate footages and music by changing gamespeed for example.


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