Mapping Challenge Begins

It is now March the 28th, which means the Remake Mapping Challenge sign up period is over. The challenge will then begin tomorrow, the 29th, so prepare your clients and get ready to start mapping! The contestants who have signed up are as follows:

Doko and Pyccna, creating Toxicity from Quake Live

Fatality, creating Town from James Bond: Agent Under Fire

Frosty, creating Cold Cathode from Quake Live

iNova4, creating Superprism Reactor from Uberstrike

KI113R, creating Karith Station 2 from Tremulous

Kv, creating Albatross from Unreal Tournament 2004

Suicizer, creating [undecided] from Quake Live

Swatllama and Briggzy, creating lost_world from Quake Live

TristamK, creating Bloodrun from Quake III

ЛАПОТЬ, creating de_aztec from Counter Strike: Source



If you still want to sign up you may do so at any time, but should also expect a (unspecified) penalty. (This will be decided by Suicizer). Just leave a comment on this post following the same template as described on the original announcement.


For those participating:

Please create a post in the Maps section of the forum ASAP with the title “RMC: [map name]” and following the template described on the original announcement under “Participation”. (Note that you need to register an account on the forum). You are expected to make this post and use it to attach an updated version of your map each week to show your progress, as well as to receive any feedback before the release of your finished project.


Good luck, and happy mapping!



  1. swatllama

    Thanks for the information.

    I am glad you are including a penalty. I dunno if people will think it’d dickish, but it gives importance to being on time.

    1. Skwillex

      I want to do something from one of the old Halo games, but I don’t want to do this challenge because I’m afraid of what the penalty would be! XD

      1. Fatality

        I think Suicizer has gone M.I.A. At least I haven’t seen him around or active here. I’m not sure what penalty he had planned, but I would say that unless he intercepts and specifies what it is here, then just don’t worry about it and go ahead and enter :). The only challenge for you is that there is only 10 days left!

      2. Suicizer

        The penalty downgrades your average number of all votes given on your map.

        Signing up:
        – 1 week before the deadline; expect 0,5 point less.
        – 2 weeks before the deadline (as it still is less than 2 weeks); expect 0,4 point less.
        – 3 weeks before the deadline (although this can’t be done anymore); expect 0,3 point less.

        So you still are free and welcome to sign up; but get a hell of a good looking (and playing) map for us!

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