Map Discovery #3 – Theso’s “Origin”

Welcome to our third installment of the Map Discovery map reviews! This time we introduce you to the map “Origin”, go ahead and read on for more info!

For this review, we at Sauerworld (with the help of some friends) have decided to edit the map a bit to make it more playable, and thus worthy of review on the blog. We have included both our version, “Origin2”, and the original version from Quadropolis, “Origin”, at the bottom of this page. Since we took the liberty to change someone’s work for the blog, we would like to ask you, the readers, a question:

Should the Sauerworld team be able to modify maps we review to make them more playable?

  • Yes, and if the license doesn't allow it we should contact the creator for permission. (68%)
  • Yes, as long as the license allows it. (19%)
  • No, we should not modify someone else's work/It is not important. (14%)
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The list of changes we made for this map.
– Moved some playerstarts and added some new.
– Added a teleport to the lower level for an easier escape.
– Added a small platform to hold the bullets and teledest.
– Added a box under the rocket platform.
– Rearranged the item pickups a bit.
– Enhanced some clipping.
– Fixed a bug in the floor trim.
**Note these changes did not really affect the overall score of the review.**

Origin by Theso



The reason we want to introduce this map is that it is another small, simplistic duel map for high fragging insta and efficiency duels. Are you sick of turbine and ot, but love to rack up kills? Origin offers this sort of quick game play with a new twist. We might even say the game play is even faster than most maps, because what really makes it stand alone is its openness and lack of cover. The pathways and platforms flow smoothly together with wide floors and plenty of room to move. This type of smooth, open game play can almost be related to fighting in one of the bases on Forge.


As mentioned above, the layout is extremely open. The only forms of cover are behind two pillars and behind or under a center bridge. The map uses a similar layout to the typical Sauer duel map, with higher levels surrounding a center pit, yet for this one the pit is small and the bridge sloping down over it in the middle of the map adds a different level of game play. It almost diverts the focus away from the center of the map and spreads the flow to all corners, much like the map Memento.

Some might complain about the openness of the layout, while others will be happy with the lack of hiding possibilities. One thing we can say, however, is that the map definitely fits the quick and intense game play of Sauer.


The appearance is not the map’s strong side. If anything, the texture choice could even deem the map ugly. The same white light is repeated everywhere, while there are only four light sources/fixtures. There are very few, if any, details. However, everything is done in a professional and clean manner, and all the geometry looks complete and right. There is no doubt that the creator knew what he was doing when he built this one; he clearly went for a very simplistic level of design. But do not let this deter you! Think of the design and detail of Turbine. While not the prettiest map in Sauer, the gameplay speaks for itself.


Who said you can’t create a working and complete-looking map out of 4k WTR? Clearly not Theso, as he managed to do just that!

Why we think you should play it

Origin perfectly fits the game play (especially in 2015 with non-stop effic and insta duels) of Sauerbraten. It is small and open, what more could you ask for? We think you should get used to playing it and asking for duels on it to add some variety to your map selection. We hope you do this with every map we introduce here! Try it out!!


Our Rating:

Gameplay: 8/10 (great flow, lots of room to move)

Layout: 7/10 (enjoyably small with variety, too open for some tastes)

Appearance/Detailing: 5/10 (nothing great here, clean and professional)

Build: 9/10 (a beautiful 4k, yet not much detail to associate with)

Overall Rating: 7.25/10


Download the Sauerworld release version “Origin2”, or check out the original on below.


Do you like the map? Let us know in the comments!


Download Quadropolis


  1. Suicizer

    Although the gameplay has been improved, the lighting hasn’t done anything while it could be way better. There lights aren’t aligned with the light-source at all.
    There’s still some odd moon floating outside the map with no purpose at all anymore (it once was used to cast light but that plan was rejected).
    The map could use a secondary theme, like cold or even heat.

    The clipping hasn’t been improved also while it should surround the whole map (for a technique which increases performance based on PVS culling). The outside could also just be skytextured or filled with geometry (although no lightmaps are generated to those surfaces; it’s not a tough job to do so and looks clean).

    So this review is quite false to me. There’s plenty of work to do.

  2. Suicizer

    “Why we think you should play it”

    Not to be a nitpick, but who is “we” actually?

    What about some names which reviewed and gave it that certain score?

  3. Suicizer

    Nearly forgot; reviewing a map which certain people of sauerworld worked on feels quite awkward as you’re reviewing your own work (which is never really objective).

    1. Fatality

      Thanks for the comments. I do the reviews at the moment for Sauerworld maps, but I use ” we” as Sauerworld is not a one-man-show. I am speaking through the blog and therefore the whole team. This is a “Sauerworld” channel, not a “Fatality’s Reviews” channel. Also the things “we” changed (to be honest, I only added the one box and changed some pickups; the playerstart changes and the new teleport were Savanha’s and some others’ work, and they are not part of Sauerworld) were very small changes. The things which I talked about were all original aspects of Theso’s map, like the layout and appearance. In other words, I reviewed his map, not the Sauerworld edited map. The only reason we changed a few things was so that we are not offering an unplayable map to the readers. And I only say unplayable because some of the playerstarts (like those facing walls and completely facing you backwards to the map) made it so, or if not unplayable, at least very annoying to play.

      I also agree, this map could use many many changes. But like I said we wanted to keep them limited and as close to the original map itself as possible, with only necessary gameplay changes. Please feel free to improve the map yourself or with others and submit it if you want us to cover a better version :)

      1. Suicizer

        If you write an article about a map and add a modified version of it (and refer to it also troughout the sentences), be sure to really make clear that you’re talking about the original; not the modified one. Perhaps just make a seperate page on the forum for that modified version and don’t let it get involved into the review any further.

        Don’t het me wrong, I like the reviews. They still somewhat are confusing on things like this.

      2. AlliedForces

        You are nothing but a modern-day mapping nazi. Please don’t infect everyone with this shit. You already turned quadropolis into your mapping nazi reich, please don’t try the same here.

        Btw. for someone who only produces unplayable trash like “evilness”, a map that cant even be played at /gamma 300, you have quite the big mouth :DD

        Fatality, keep up the great work! :)

      3. swatllama

        While you have always been too nitpicky and insistent on perfection in every detail, people should pay attention to your advice. I actually do agree with a lot of what you’re saying, just not your presentation of the information.


    2. savanha

      Seriously your seeking of perfection ruins the fun of playing and mapping please don’t affect us with your disease.
      The review is well done and all you pointed out isn’t notable while playing therefore it doesn’t affect the gameplay which is its strong unique point . As Fatality well pointed out .
      Also about reviewing “own maps” check again the readme file before going in a replying spree , and at the end of the day I strongly encourage Fatality to review his own maps since not doing so would result in a great loss for the community ( a lot of his maps are worth it to be better know !) . The rating was also fairly objective and since now none have ever complained about it . Again well done Fata keep up the good work !

      1. Suicizer

        Stop trolling by coming up with “Fatality’s maps”. It’s not a good contribution to the discussion at allas we are (at least am I) talking about the review of this map; no other at all.

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