Introducing: Discord

A handful of community members have recently been using Discord as a new way of communicating with each other. Thanks to obst, we now have our own server that welcomes all players from the community. We’ve already gained 40+ users in just a few a days. If you wish to learn more continue reading below:

What is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat that works on your desktop, web browser, or mobile device. It’s completely free and offers a modernized experience of IRC and mumble into one app. You can view all of its features here.


How do I get started?

Discord currently supports those on Windows and Mac. Linux users will either have to look for Discord test builds, or use the web app (both work flawlessly, but demand high cpu usage. except within the chromium browser). If you are unsure about downloading Discord yet, you can test it in your web browser by visiting this page. You will need an e-mail address in order to make a Discord account. To join our server, you will need to use the following code in order to gain access: 012c19bkwljlWsh3y
Alternatively you can click this link:


I need help!

If you having any issues using Discord do not fret, there are plenty of ways to find assistance. You can ask any of us on IRC (#sauercom @ or on our Discord server if you have made it that far. You can also drop a comment below, or consult the official documentation pages here, as well as their help center here.


  1. star

    I don’t. the IRC chatwindow is plain and simple. There is too much going on in the web2.0 2016 world. I don’t like this over-ambitious design. I preferr lightweight to the point and opensource applications which I can control myself, insteaf of this bloated crap that needs avatars, displays nicknames the size of 1/8th screen size and lets you share media direct without having to visit the website.
    The only good thing is, that voice chat works out of the box, so even idiots can use propper microphone settings.
    I will stay true to mumble and IRC, until there is an alternative client for the discord protocol, that gets rid of all the unnecessary, blinding crap.

  2. greenadiss

    The most important and nice thing here is mumble-like voice feature. Compared to mumble it doesn’t make your sauer drop fps and lag. I am not really interested in its IRC-like features but it’s still nice since it can work like a BNC: users who weren’t online still can read new messages which appeared after they went offline.
    I agree with star that names look too big, it’s not that compact as we used to see in our IRC clients. The font of messages could be a bit bigger but I hope they will add everything you need to change font size for the most important things because it’s still beta and they listen to what users want.

  3. Obstriegel

    First of all I am overwhelmed by the fact that so many sauer people at least tried this thing already. Thank you!

    i also don’t think it can replace IRC immediately but I consider it being more user friendly than the IRC + mumble combination we are used to. This is a big plus in my opinion especially for users who don’t like to use or manage IRC channels and/or mumble servers. But it’s also great for existing users. On mumble you will always encounter that person who set his/her mic too loud or too low which causes trouble if you are not using headphones all the time. In my opinion it’s a mistake of the mumble devs to assume everyone has a good microphone and should be able to setup their equipment properly. And as greenadiss pointed out at the moment we need extra software to be able to read messages when we are not online 24/7. Now if any player wants to know what was going on in #sauercom for example can just look it up because it’s being recorded for everyone.

    @Star, greenadiss and others who dislike the look of Discord: At first you can try the “compact” theme which is available in your settings menu. And if you are just a little familiar with CSS you can already customize the look of discord a lot.
    You don’t like avatar pictures and it is too colorful? Just remove it to make it look like this:
    The site offers clients for Windows and MacOSX and a Firefox plugin. It allows you to use custom CSS to make it look like you want. But you can also use a Browser-Extension like Stylish to change the look.

    Please keep commenting, asking and criticizing! :)

    1. star

      having shitty linux support in the age of node.js and web2.0 is still a bit embarassing for an app, which aims this high to replace the classics.
      there, I said it!

  4. degrave

    What is going on, it is just another proprietary instant message with VoIP support application. Absolutely agree with Star that it is too much hype about it.

    1. swatllama

      Yes, degrave, that’s exactly right. The advantage is it makes it more convienent for people to jump into voice chat in games that are organized in the IRC-like portion. I don’t like voice chat much, but it would be very easy, then, for you to play your guitar for people.

      1. degrave

        I would not to play guitar for people who not able to configure irc or mumble.

    2. Obstriegel

      It’s great that you play into my hands all the time.

      Yes degrave I also would love to see it all being open but we are talking about control of a server right now. We are also not in control of what gamesurge does with their IRC server. #rb is empty most of the time. Using something like discord would make it also easier for your 4-man clan to stay in touch. The chat API is documented so you can go ahead and create your own clients for it.

      Actually it should be embarrassing for you Star to not be able to use a web 2.0 application on your great linux distro. I am a big fan of linux/open source and use it almost exclusive for work and play every day but it worked instantly:

      And you miss the point that it does not want to replace IRC right now but already has the capability to do so since you can create private servers, channels and groups hidden from other players and have private conversations without the need for bouncers, ddos protection, worries about netsplits, stupid ChanServ bots or IRC channel/user modes.

      In terms of voice-chat they are already ahead of teamspeak and mumble. All these applications use the same codec but you don’t have to pay for discord and you can use it on any device without a complicated setup which works only with push to talk (tried mumble on android already or paid for a ts client?). In 2016 push to talk is not necessary anymore thanks to better algorithms.

      Speaking less technically I also think that a discord sauerworld server brings the community together because you can see who is there and willing to play. As someone else said already people just have to click a link to make themselves noticed. Plus they can check what is going on in #sauercom or some major clans channel without setting up anything. So we get more people to play sauer who would normally just check the serverlist and go offline again. This should be in the interest of all sauer players.


  5. True Striker

    Yes, i was banned b/c a single user stupidly xomplained that my name was unreadable. Thats his fault and i would like to be unbanned. This is discrimination against people’s names and is considered irrespective and irresponsible. My nickname is TRUE_STRIKER9001


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