Interviewing the impressive !Squad

This week we’re back with two interviews.

This one features the up and coming !s ‘impressive Squad.
It’s our first clan interview and certainly won’t be the last one! :-)

Anyway, stay tuned for another interview this week, with none other than eihrul, the lead programmer of this game!

But for now, just enjoy the interview with !s:

Hello !s guys! Let’s start off with this one;
How and when did !s come into being?

Milch-Mann: The clan was founded in early 2012. Back then there were a lot of clans who had been around for quite some time, so we decided to start something new. Being a former mVa player, obst was already pretty experienced whereas I was relatively new to the game but loved testing my mettle against all these skilled players and clans on PSL nevertheless. We resolved to do our own thing, thus providing for a breath of fresh air and more competition in the community. After a while we realized how much we actually enjoyed building up our own clan, according to our philosophy and our rules, without any pressure whatsoever. That’s why we decided to pull through until we were at the very top, able to compete with any clan out there. 

What’s your aim for !s ? What path do you want to see the clan pursue?

Milch-Mann: The main goal of the squad is to build a great team with a mix of very different people from different countries. Meeting people from all over the world is the best! The game and the ambition to win is what connects us, so of course we’re always trying our best to win. Although there is still enough space for improvements, we have become a big and competitive clan in the community. Since SWL was attacked again and again we had no chance to show up in a big tournament so far, We definitely have potential to play on top with other big clans. If the time has come we will earn our first success in shape of a big shiny trophy :)

Milchmann & Obst, when you started out, did you expect your clan to become as big as it is now?

obst: yes.hehe

Milchmann: It was always our plan to become strong and competitive, since day one.
Becoming big isn’t really a problem, but obst and I always thought about and discussed every single step we took.
We never wanted to pick some random people just to grow as fast as possible. It is pretty hard to find a good balance between skillfull players and nice people with the same interests, so we took the time that was needed and focused on older and long time established players in the community. It’s really hard to get these kinds of players these days, but we got lucky and got the right people for the clan, like for example Andris and Awezom-o, which are with us since the very beginning. It was a long way and we grew slowly, but this way we became a great stable team which is most important to us.

The modes for SDoS are insta 1v1, teamplay 2v2 and ectf 3v3.
Which mode are you most psyched about and do you already have a certain line-up in mind?

Definitelly ectf for me. But this clan have very big potential to win insta and also efficctf. If we really pick and I hope my mates forgive me for this pick, players like Millchmann, Potato, Marietto, Sweeper, they really can be very hard to beat, especially if Potato is playing. In insta I put my faith in Potato. He’s an amazing player and in my personal opinion he’s the most competitive and best player in sauer.

With SDoS just around the corner, which 3 players would you be least pleased to see team up against you for ectf?

|RB|degrave, Acuerta and |KIM|Jongun

Acuerta, Degrave, t-chen

Potato, with your kind of skill you probably could’ve joined any clan in sauer. What tipped the scales in favour of !s ?

Well, when I first joined sauerbraten I met a few nice guys, CorpseDady ( Agalloch ) and Sh00ting. I joined their clan ]RS[ and soon met the rest of the clan members as well. We recruited people such as MaRieTTo lagout, gear4 and many others. I stayed in ]RS[ until we decided to disband it which was my least favorite moment in this game. If ]RS[ was alive today I would have never left, and I would still be in it. A few clans later MaRieTTo and CorpseDady(now known as Agalloch) joined !s]. It was like ]RS[ was over there, and I was here in s9. I probably would have stayed in s9 if everybody didn’t either disappear or quit the game suddenly, and leave me and Rexus as the only active players. Eventually I just couldn’t hold back the urge to be with my first family again, and joined !s]. Now we are one big happy family like before.

A genie in a bottle comes to your irc channel and grants you one specific wish: You can ask for any player in the history of sauer (then & now) to join your team.
Who would you choose?

Agalloch: I think that we’re pretty happy with everyone we’ve got.

MaRieTTo: Seriously dont know who pick atm, I am very happy to have found two “old” friends in !s], that’s all.

Andris: I would choose my own clanmates Milchmann & Obstriegel but also Time2Die.

Who are your favourite players?

Honzik1, Awezom-o, Potato, Andris, Sparta, Obstriegel.

wahnfred, Acuerta, Potato.

Notas, echo-echo, Agalloch, Saiga, Andris, Acuerta.

Zooka, Acuerta, echo-echo, Potato.


Milchmann, Obstriegel, Time2Die, Potato, S4US3SCHR1TT, Fear.

You want to add anything for your fans? Any last words?

Milchmann: Be respectful and keep in mind, noobs are the future of sauer!

Get in touch:

!s Website:
!s IRC: #impressivesquad on 

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