Interviewing notas about DoS, Sauer, sp4nk and how he’s gonna save our planet.

For our first interview, we decided to talk with notas, the ffa grandchampion and sauer veteran. notas has 5 ffa titles, won the only swl insta ladder, is a perennial runner up in efficiency 1v1 and has won titles in every mode with his clan, sp4nk.

<sauercom> sooo .. over the last few years you’ve successfully participated in psl, sdmc and swl (even contributed to the latter two as a referee). Now you’re dedicating your experience to the recently launched DoS ( I understand that DoS is in a rather early stage, but nevertheless, how do you think it will be different from the various tournaments that preceded it?

<notas> First off, i wasn’t an sdmc ref

<sauercom> I thought you were :o

<notas> i barely even played it xD

<notas> i have plugged it retrospectively a lot because people i respect really liked it
<notas> regarding the actual question….
<notas> i think SDOS’ goal isn’t so much to be different from the other tournaments as it is to revive competition in sauerbraten. that said, there are a couple things i can think of that are going to be drastically different. For one, we’re currently thinking about doing only 3 modes : insta duel, effic ctf, and teamplay. This will minimize the amount of time everyone has to commit (i’m talking players too!) and keeps things fresh and interesting.
<notas> secondly, mefisto has plans to run a bracket with seeding determined by allvalls
<notas> and then, hopefully, to have 4-8 games running at the same time in the early rounds.
<notas> Lastly, there are a couple good ideas that should be starting up around SDOS; i’m hoping to shoutcast it with saiga when possible, and you’re in the criminally early stages of a community page
<notas> a real community page, not cube2blog.

<sauercom> ok that sounds promising. You’ve been around for quite some time now and won a lot of titles. What’s your all-time favourite moment in the game?

<notas> haha, so many moments that i wanna plug rather than try to play favourites… drakas and majikal trying desperately to understand shmutz’s reasoning behind choosing campo for ffa… ace taking down majikal after literally years of w00p domination in ffa in the final seconds of hades… the very last insta final of swl, with the rivalry, closeness, and absurdly high skill level…
<notas> i wanna retract literally years… since it wasn’t.
<notas> “more than a year”
<notas> i wish my memory wasn’t swiss cheese because that’s such a juicy question
<notas> but yea
<notas> i would say the conman majikal ffa final but i have a sneaking feeling i missed it live

<sauercom> ok :D

<notas> i’d also like to send a ‘fuck you’ to majikal for being in 3 of those 4 moments :|

<sauercom> haha :D

<sauercom> anyway:
<sauercom> It’s 2015. Aliens are attacking the earth, ready to obliterate the whole planet. Before they do it though, they give us one last chance. A 4v4 match in sauer where 4 humans (that you can personally select) will fight against 4 aliens over intergalactic supremacy and our last shot at saving the earth. What’s your team?

<notas> mode, bitch!
<notas> unless you want me to answer it for every mode xD

<sauercom> let’s assume it will be spread over 3 modes, insta effic ffa
<sauercom> so no specifics

<notas> funnily enough, the answer doesn’t really change
<notas> i’m excluding myself from this team to make it more interesting
<notas> but ftr, i would probably put myself on the team
<notas> gonna have to be… tenshi, acuerta, echo-echo, annnnnnnnd…. fuck
<notas> that fourth slot is fucking difficult, majikal could definitely fill it but so could conman or blahville in their primes imo, although i guess you wouldn’t ever really want blahville on an ictf team
<notas> i was also assuming ctf
<notas> insta, effic, and classic
<notas> if its capture the answer gets extremely complicated but involves hero somehow
<notas> but yea, i challenge anyone to take a title from a well oiled tenshi, acuerta, echo echo and notas team

<sauercom> yea that sounds like a great team.
<notas> actually, its kind of lacking in the flagrun department
<notas> doesn’t degrave have pretty insane flagrunning skills from carrying useless teams?

<sauercom> yea
<sauercom> or ace

<notas> i don’t think ace could focus on winning a game of sauerbraten if the fate of the world depended on it
<notas> great flagrunner otherwise :P
<notas> and i wanna address the elephant in the room : there’s talent in JG somewhere, but i don’t think they could handle the team above at its best, and i don’t know who i could extract individually from them to flagrun, even though they’re probably the most consistantly expert flagrunning team of all time
<notas> or mys, or whatever they call themselves these days

<sauercom> kk one more thing
<sauercom> what’s up with sp4nk? are we gonna see your clan coming back to life once the tournaments return to sauer?

<notas> xD
<notas> impossible to say
<notas> sexy1 left us for a girl and i don’t think he’s coming back
<notas> kuzen is still in touch, but i don’t think he’s finding much time for sauer these days
<notas> achille is just waiting for anyone to dare try for an insta title, and me and echo are just biding our time playing quake

<notas> so… seems pretty likely we’ll field a team, but its not gonna be easy

<sauercom> I was expecting some diplomatic shit and you’re giving me this :D

<notas> diplomatic shit? xD

<sauercom> yea like “oh I’m sure everyone’s just magically gonna start playing again” :D

<notas> haha
<notas> i think that pretty accurately sums up what the most recently active sp4nks + our founder are doing, without getting personal

<sauercom> ok fine
<sauercom> anything else you wanna tell us?

<notas> get stoked for teamplay!


  1. Anonymous

    Good interview. Could talk about how he prepared for his titles, how he got into sauer, etc.


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