Interview with the Makers of Revelade Revolution

On the occasion of a new alpha release of ‘Revelade Revolution’, a game based on the Sauerbraten engine, we have decided to interview the RR crew!

SauerCom: Hi guys! Would you like to introduce yourself and maybe your team?

killme: I’m killme, the lead developer of Revelade Revolution. The Revelade Revolution team consists of a few developers and artists spread all over the world. We will publish a list of them on our homepage soon, but the core team will introduce itself here.

Bigfootzz: I’m Bigfootzz, somtimes referenced to as: “The guy that pays for everything”. I am the project manager, and mainly contribute ideas and players to the projects we do.

TheAssassin: My nick is TheAssassin. I’m the server admin who makes sure all our services are up and running all the time. I also code a lot of web and backend stuff, e.g. the masterserver of Revelade Revolution.

SauerCom: Now that we know you, we obviously want to hear more about your game! What is RR? And for those of our readers that have already tried it out – What’s new in the upcoming beta release?

killme: Revelade Revolution is a shooter that takes place in a post appocolyptic urban environment. It features most of the classical gamemodes such as FFA and CTF, but also some new gamemodes such as Infection.

Bigfootzz: Our next release is actually another alpha release, primarly containing art updates. We’ve added two new player models as well as many new weapon models. We have improved some of the current maps. and included some bug fixes and engine improvements. We hope we can release the beta soon.

SauerCom: So RR is a Sauerbraten Mod of sorts. How does RR compare to its metaphorical mother?

Bigfootzz: We have worked hard to not be a clone or just a basic mod, we added a class system, tons of weapons, new player models, new game modes and a really cool scoreboard.

SauerCom: The first Tesseract version being released, are you planning to port Revelade Revolution to the newer tesseract engine?

killme: No, we have tried porting our game to tesseract before, but we found out that due to the major changes that have been made, porting to tesseract would basically mean starting over.

SauerCom: Do you think RR is suited for competitive play? If not, are you working towards that? 

Bigfootzz: I think we are in the right direction for sure. We added a class system to the game in order to make the game more balanced and offer players better playing options.

TheAssassin: There are still some issues about the gameplay reported by players that we try to fix at the moment. We appreciate any comments by clan players who are used to playing competitively in order to make Revelade Revolution suit players’ needs. If anyone wants to make suggestions, please use our IRC channel on GameSurge (#ReveladeRevolution, irc:// or alternatively our contact form (

SauerCom: Where did the idea of giving the game a zombie-apocalypse theme come from? If I had to guess I’d say some of you are ‘The Walking Dead’ fans? :D

Bigfootzz: I am a fan of the Walking Dead but the game started development just before the show hit the air. The reason I went with zombies is because its been in pop Culture for along time and is something lots of people are into.

SauerCom: According to your website, you have “many great things planned for future updates that will take your game play to a whole new level.” What are those?

killme: Some of the things we wish to implement are global authentication, stat tracking and global chat. We’re also planning on adding multiplayer survival.

TheAssassin: All the features killme mentioned require a lot of work though. Since we don’t see people playing online too much although the game is primarily focused on multiplayer gameplay, we have decided to defer their implementation until we actually see a community that needs them.

Bigfootzz: One of my personal goals for our game is to offer things that are not offered by other cube engine games, such as mentioned above, and focus on teamplay.

Thanks for the interview!


  1. Anonymous

    Looks like nobody cares. Post been up for a week now. Didn't seem very inspiring to me.

  2. Bigfootzz

    I don&#39;t think its that anyone cares about the game. I think its more some people dont like to try new things. We have a lot to offer and have many more things planned for the future. <br /><br />We are also working on mac support.

    1. Anonymous

      I didn&#39;t say that to be mean. Just pointing out.<br /><br />It will be difficult to get appreciation.<br /><br />Which is why you focus on quick easy wins.


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