Interview with SD #22 Winner raffael

You were promised an interview with the winner of SauerDuels #22, so an interview you shall get!

Hello raffael, how do you feel after winning such a fiercely contested title?
Fine. The format was different and it was definitely a bit weird to wait in between the games all the time.

(How) did you prepare for the tournament?
I played some games with Acuerta just some days before. Not much overall, but any games with Acuerta are a good exercise.

Did it feel like an easy tournament to you? Which opponent gave you the most trouble?
It wasn’t too hard, and I didn’t feel any threats during the tourney. I feel pretty amazing about my game and level of play right now.

Who do you consider a possible threat to you in future effic tournaments?
Many great players are around and who could take a title at next tourney: Lokio, lagout, Rexus, Honzik1, starch, Acuerta, Partizan, hadis, Frosty

What was the hardest effic title/effic tourney match you ever played?
I would say it’s a memento game back in 2015 against Frosty. I can’t remember which month was it, but I think it was in SSL finals. Besides that, definitely the game vs Potato/starch 4 years ago. I lost turbine by few frags, then I won academy by few frags and on ot it was pretty close until he managed to win. I think we repeated those 3 maps once more in the same tourney (since I was sent to the losers bracket). Epic games anyway. Then there is the effic final vs Acuerta in October 2015, I was at my 2015 peak at that time and won 3 tourneys before in a row, and Acuerta was playing pretty good (maybe not at the level used to be) and it was my first tourney game vs him in 2015.

How’s the mood in w00p? Considering that you guys won the last eCTF tournament and now you took home the effic 1v1 title again.
The mood in w00p is excellent. We are a group of mature and experienced players who are also very skilled. We never had any significant issues or argues. Add all the titles and our current level of play, and what you get is a pretty awesome atmosphere. :D

Will you play ffa next week? If yes, how do you rate your chances?
I am not sure yet. My chances are not so good right now. I don’t think I have played FFA since the last tourney, which was months ago.

Who’s your favorite for the ffa title?
notas! Unless I take him by surprise like last time;) Edit: I was told notas won’t participate. Lokio would be my favorite, I would definitely like to see him winning the title.


  1. Frosty

    I would like an SD #23 post-game interview with this amazingly skilled and mature player without any issues! Hopefully he is doing fine.


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