Inexor – FAQ

In the last weeks and months many of you showed a big interest in Inexor and we were happy to answer a lot of questions. We got some of these questions over and over again, so we decided to make a quick FAQ.


Why are there just a few maps?

There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, we will probably never have many maps as default content. Why? We are going to make it possible for every server to send content packages in every mode. By doing this we eliminate one, or maybe the biggest limitation of the game. In the end, it is not only possible to send the .ogz and .cfg file, but everything including custom textures, sounds, models and so on.

Moreover, we want to motivate more people to adapt or create new content for Inexor, so that we have more diverse content before the first stable release. Though we have this goal, there are higher priorities at the moment. But, you can count on it: we will take extensive care in the content at a later point. Promise.

However, we still want to provide, in the meantime, a bit more content for our testers. So, we are adding more maps for the time being which will get removed as offical content as soon as we have the ingame content downloader implemented.


What about Tesseract? Will you merge the improvements from this game, too?

We will merge many of the Tesseract improvements over time. It’s rather a huge task to do and since we have a lot of other basic ground work to do, it will still take a while till we attack this. If you want to keep track of this special issue, have a look here: =)


I heard you guys want to use JavaScript as a replacement for Cubescript. Why?

First of all, there are tons of people who have knowledge about JavaScript, and just a few know about Cubescript. Furthermore, JavaScript is more powerful and universal. Even if we would wanted to keep Cubescript, we would need to invest huge effort in improving it. But why should we reinvent the wheel?

It was a clear goal from the beginning that we have to improve the user interface. With the integration of CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) it will get a lot easier to create nicer user interfaces with HTML/CSS and we have JavaScript as a more powerful script language.


Do I need Sauerbraten to play Inexor?

No. We are a standalone game. You don’t need anything else.


What makes Inexor different from e.g. COMED, Faned or the WC-NG client?

Short answer: look at the question before.
Long answer: Well, we are a standalone fork. While there are many, many, many client mods, which try their best to provide a better gaming experience than the default Sauerbraten client offers, they are all limitated to the rules and concepts of Sauerbraten.

We don’t have these limitations. We can break compatibility to the current state for further improvements as we wish, basically. However, don’t worry about this too much. Another goal is it to be backward-compatible when it comes to the content. Or in other words: we try to keep it possible to import all of your Sauerbraten content with minimal effort.


When will there be a stable release of Inexor?

Well, we know that nobody likes this answer, but it’s true: It’s ready when it’s ready.
However, we will release every 8 weeks a new (alpha) version.


I have more questions!

Just shoot at us and we will likely fire back. You can join us on IRC ( #inexor), GitHub, Twitter and Facebook for instance.

These were a few of the questions which you all asked us recently. Thanks for the interest in Inexor!


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