1. star

    Those fragmessages and colour shots are rather disturbing, without you wouldn’t even be able to see if you killed anyone. Also the music creates an 80s action movie atmosphere.

    My advices:
    – Only use Sauerbraten Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby cry edition, so people finding your video won’t be deceived on youtube. They might hold Sauer for a really cool shooter and will be dissapointed, when they try.
    – Use only maps fron suicizer, they look shit and are unplayable, but represent the sauerbraten gameplay in not a single bit.
    – Don’t feature FFA, because “Achille: Sauerbraten is insta”
    – Blow a whistle and let a unicorn bring you to my rainbow castle, so i can facefuck you each day
    – Don’t make stupid comments on Sauerworld, or insult suicizer, as he is the one who rules them all.
    – Get a swedish penis pump and pump it up.

    If you do all this, society will be saved from evil for all never-never-land

    PS: Fagget

    1. Acuerta

      lol playing sauerbraten ..

      The only acceptable way to enjoy Sauerbraten is to look at the source code on sourceforge and admire it, BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU DOWNLOAD THE GAME AND INSTALL IT.

      Installing sauerbraten or even playing it is not realistic to original Sauerbraten.

      1. Acuerta

        Acting professional and not insulting people is not realistic to original Sauerbraten.

      2. star

        Being professional implies executing a profession. As I’m a motherfuckin vaQ’Troll and your response was highly expected, one might see the conclusion right infront of this shiny metal ass you can suck on, when you look into the mirror.

        Speaking of professions, isn’t yours to be a mapper? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
        How did that work out for ya? :DDDDD “Professional my ass”

        oh, and what acuerta said

  2. Jawer

    We have probably opposite expectations of fragmovies. I honestly didn’t like more than 3-4 frags in the vid and found that you chose the complete wrong ones to repeat in slow motion and from other perspectives. The beginning looked like an intro with randomly chosen actually pretty bad kills and some fails but it came out that the whole video is about like that. I won’t comment on editing profession because i have no idea about that and also don’t think that is too important in a good fragmovie but you kept it simple and put some basic floatspeed 70 bird view of forgotten in it which may be.. fine.. i guess. I appreceate your work but you didn’t hit my taste at all, which probably isn’t even as much of a bad feedback for you :D

    1. swatllama

      Sozzy you didn’t like it. While I liked all the FFA clips I put in, you’re right that the other ones were mediocre. I didn’t have much time to get it out but I wanted to do it while I had a spark of minor creativity, so I didn’t have time to collect more demos.

      The forgotten scene was some fast floatspeed, but then I edited it to be slower. I tried to sync some scenes with the lyrics of the song, like that one.

      1. Lokio

        uhh pretty sure u were supposed to get mad at him and tell him to just enjoy the video and ask him to tell u “nice job,” try taking better notes next time dood

  3. Terminator

    Good job swat, I really enjoyed it. The ffa clips were fantastic, I hope you carry on doing this.

  4. Harsh

    I think it was absolutely brilliant, having ffa in a fragmovie is not something you see often, and it was nice to see some interesting clips from there. Very simple editing which was good, unlike someone’s *ahem* extra effects in MOG 12


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