Flashback Friday: 2008 PSL Video – }TC{ vs. {QS}

While doing some research for new SauerQuiz questions I came across an old video that  }TC{CoYoTe made for one of the very first PSL tournaments in February, 2008. The match was The Conquerors versus QuickSilver during the second round of capture on map nmp9.

The quality isn’t so great (he only had 25 fps at the time) and music is questionable, but it’s funny to see how different the game looked back then. It’s also cool to see the names of some great retired players once again.

Hope you enjoy!



  1. greenadiss

    I like the music :)

    Nowadays with 25 fps you won’t see anything :D
    Also I like the playermodels, maybe because they are so unusual.

    n1, Banda!

  2. swatllama

    Great find, bandandit. Cool to see some competitive capture played. I wish we did that.
    Those ironsnout playermodels are really cute. I even used them at one point in place of captain cannon and inky, but I found they were much harder to hit.

    The music’s kind of good. Not what I’d normally listen to, nice guitar, mediocre vocals.

      1. swatllama

        I’ve read that comment of yours. I hope you don’t mind me repasting it here for more exposure though! For the community that actually plays the game, instead of the community that sits and talks but doesn’t play the game.


        I’m not sure if the devs work on this game anymore, but I figured it’s better to complain late than never.

        The change from 10s to 5s respawn has ruined the capture mode.

        It might not sound like much, but where a kill used to mean you could get something done before your enemy respawned, it is now almost worthless.

        It has tipped the balance to the point where it’s usually more advantageous to suicide than to restock, because not only do you spawn with a full GA, you also get two ammo packs on top which are hard to come by.

        Anyone who has played both the original capture mode with 10s respawn and the new one with 5s should know what I’m talking about.

        No pub games play the mode anyway because regen is much more noob-friendly. The change has done nothing to popularize the mode, if that was the intention.

        At least do the vets who enjoyed it a favor and restore it to what it used to be. Nobody who bothers to play this mode is too impatient to deal with a 10s respawn.

        Maybe we can have a capture league again. Please fix it.

        Make this lovely dream live!

  3. Suicizer

    A lot of people in the community has the opinion that the change from 5 to 10 seconds ruined the mode and thus not playing that game mode anymore.
    Perhaps a poll would be in place for this issue.

    1. nyamms

      If you let popular vote decide what’s best for sauer balance, expect to see more venice, mass ictf and zombie servers.

      1. star

        what he said!

        haven’t we let nonskill noobs dictate what the gameplay should be long enough? i think so…

      1. nyamms

        What? No it isn’t. I’m arguing the respawn time should go back up to 10 seconds like it always was before it was changed to 5 one or two updates back.

      2. Walker

        If you have a respawn time of 10 seconds an ectf match on reissen or forge will be decided within 1 lucky kill. you con score twice or even three times without being harassed by your enemy if you have a respawn time of 10 seconds.
        For slower modes like ctf or capture (which sadly arent played anymore) a longer respawn time may make sense, but for the fast gameplay sauer moved on to with mainly playing ectf a longer respawn time wouldn’t fit.

    1. nyamms

      Moving around the map takes time too, so this won’t really have the same effect.

      It would make it harder to defend your bases in time as you’d have no time to run off for some ammo, health and armor, quad or HBs before your base has been converted. If you halve both capture time and respawn time, the only difference will be you get half the time to move around, do things and fight before it’s too late to save your base.

      One fun aspect of strategy in capture is that you can uncapture an opponents base, then run of to your own base that’s under attack and still be in time to save it. If you significantly reduce capture time, you increase the relative time it takes to get from base A to B and chances are you’ll always arrive too late. There will be no reason to switch from attacking one base to defending another, or vice versa. It would be too much of a risk.

      Moreover, changing the capture time does nothing to address what I think is the mode’s biggest problem at the moment. In capture, you spawn with so much ammo and armor compared to what you can easily find on the map that the new 5 seconds to respawn is usually a laughable price to pay for it, and suiciding to get a faster refill than you could ever collect health and armor is much too tempting. I would consider that a broken balance.

      The longer the respawn time is, the more you will value staying alive, and use items around the map to keep yourself alive. In a mode like regen on the other hand, suicidal attacks happen all the time. Of course 10 seconds will seem like a long time if all you’re used to is 5 seconds. I don’t think ten seconds is excessively long. It was fine back in the day, and I don’t want to believe people have just become more impatient. If they have, teach them not to be.

      Of course, if different suggestions were tested for their merits before implementation, we might be wiser at the end of the day and not end up with a broken mode like it is now.


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